Once again…

ONCE AGAIN... it is raining….
not sure if it will ever stop?
We are so use to our “northwest wet” that we actually consider it “liquid sunshine” at this point!

ONCE AGAIN… I am making my attempt to “Take care of Mama“.
It is going VERY well so far.  The withdrawal symptoms from Diet Coke was interesting.  Eating out, rare as that is, is interesting.  Not eating after my kids, ie leftovers, was an interesting habit to observe.  I decided I am not my children’s garbage disposal.  =)  Maybe we should get a puppy for the scraps?

ONCE AGAIN… dear m.i.l. has plotted 2 getaway schemes since her last a.w.o.l. moment.
This is becoming about a once a month adventure.  We are working really hard to get her finances in order so we can find a care facility that she would be comfortable in.  It is a strange feeling to pour out so much kindness to someone who is so miserably unhappy in our presence.  It is becoming a significant lesson for our children:

“Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you.”
–Jesus, Matthew 5:48 The Message Bible

Let your gentleness be evident to all. 
Philippians 4:5

ONCE AGAIN... Bryson (3) is having more frequent temper tantrums.
So much frustration bottled up.  So much balancing between discipline and understanding.
This too shall pass, right?  :^/

ONCE AGAIN… I am switching up some school plans for next year.
Still praying through the process, but eager to share soon.  *smile*

ONCE AGAIN… I am in declutter mode!
I am totally enjoying following this sweet gal and her Desperate to Declutter series.
I figure while I am “decluttering” my body, I mine as well declutter this house!
I am getting at the point where it is almost necessary to either
a) bring someone in to help assist Grandma M.
b) a once a month housekeeper to get the deep cleaning done.
How much can be on one’s plate before it begins to spill everywhere, right?

ONCE AGAIN... I am being blessed beyond  my own worthiness.

*I had my super fabulous cousin come visit for a week end.  I couldn’t get away for her birthday, so she blessed me with a visit instead!  We have such vastly different lives, yet we connect so well!  She makes me smile!

*I was fortunate to spend a different weekend with my, uh, hmmm, let’s see if you can follow this, my step.mother.in.law.  She is married to Fred’s dad; she is so kind and gracious.  She decided she was not fond of me wearing my husband’s work clothes (yes, a ponytail, and work shirts was my staple appearance, nice huh?), and took me shopping for some new clothes!   This mama doesn’t go shopping, for myself anyways, so this was a very nice treat!

*I several personal mentors to help me through this new nutritious journey I have placed myself on.  So many lovely ladies to help guide my choices, share my struggles, encourage my efforts, & educate my ignorance.

*Not one, but two neighbor ladies who are graciously helping me begin my garden, which I haven’t even begun yet!  Once lady gave my onion starts and a tomato plant and is sharing her own journey of her garden process (I learn best by observation!), and the other lady has begun many different plant sprouts in her green house to share with me!  Oh my, I hope I don’t disappoint these ladies, lol.  My thumb is oh.so.not.green!

*I have a husband who loves me… me… fat or small, happy or cranky, silly or serious, tired or over-energetic, lazy or fruitful… he.just.simply.loves.me.  That is the biggest blessing of all!

ONCE AGAIN… grateful…

Even if I give away everything that I have and sacrifice myself, but have no love, I gain nothing.
1 Corinthians 13:3

or a more accurate translation for my circumstances…

So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.
–1 Corinthians 13:3 The Message

8 thoughts on “Once again…

  1. Your mother-in-law reminds me of my Little Miss.

    Little Miss “plans adventures” or “runs away”.

    Little Miss does not appreciate nor enjoy her family at all. She, too, is “miserably unhappy”

    We, too, are looking at “Care Facilities” for our Little Miss.

    So sad. So hard.

    Bryson’s tantrums may be his nonverbal way of sharing that the MIL situation stresses him out, too. Our boys’ certainly have different temperaments when the stress of Little Miss is raising everyone’s blood pressure.

    Hoping & Praying for a little less stress in your life soon.


    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I love, love, *love* that you are taking care of Mama (and getting some help from MIL! Awesome!). I can’t tell you how much you deserve it. You are my hero in so many ways.

    (and I tend to agree that Bryson’s tantrums are probably at least partially to do with other stressors in his life. You know, aside from being three)

    (and Fred Meyer sells these great little magnetized alarm thingies that you can attach to doors and windows; they cost something like $10 for a six pack; made by First Alert)

    1. Great encouragement, thank you. =) Now my question is… who are you? You do not leave a name, but are so kind *smile*
      Interesting to use hero as a description when I expose all my flaws; so very unhero-like, eh? Obviously you must get my heart and can relate to things.
      And yes *giggle* aside from 3, that is the source of stress ;^)
      Wow, thanks for the alarm tip, that is even great for 3 yr old escapees also!

      1. oopsie. Sigh. Your *cousin*. Heather. And I’m not smart enough to remember off hand, but when Tony studied the Iliad last year, his teacher said that exposing flaws is EXACTLY what heroes do, so you really are one. Honest.

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