Science with RC

Formal Science doesn’t begin until advanced math is obtained.  The Robinson Curriculum provides many advanced and college leveled books, which makes for limitless learning.
However, one needn’t wait to explore science, and RC has plenty to offer!
1st/2nd grade: Nature study; to simply take nature walks and talks- covers habitat, weather, rocks, leaf/tree/seeds, etc.  Really, it covers anything from frogs to solar system. I just feed off the child’s interests here at this precious age. Often we spot a specific area (or tree) and take monthly sketches or notes on it to observe seasons.
3rd grade: Animal Science– Tale of (Jolly Robin) series. After each book, let them create a report or diorama or speech to tell about each animal and their character trait that was explained in the book.
4th grade: Science Technology (aka basic engineering)- Tom Swift series; covers motorcycles, motor boats, submarines, airships, cameras, on and on…. same requirement as above (report, speech, or display)
5th/6th grade: Geography– Picturesque America- super huge book!! We utilize it for 2 years (book 1 and book 2).
I, at this point, also have the kids learn research skills based off of the RC history biography they were currently reading. For example, for Life of George Washington, due to the harsh winters I had my kids learn about meteorology such as blizzards, tornadoes, etc. The study of terrain (a rough one in Washington’s day) is topography. My dd wanted to learn about horses (that some of the troops traveled on), so I listed that as hippology (the study of horses). and the list of interest is unlimited. same requirements as above (report, speech, or display).
7th grade:  Environmental Science– The Friendly Arctic, along with a splash of interest-led studies as mentioned for 5th/6th grade
8th grade:  Geology– The Heart of Antarctic Part I & II.   (great for 1st and 2nd semester)  along with including interest-led studies as mentioned before.
9th grade- Biology
The motion of the Heart and Blood of Animals. (RC book) Great time to dissect an animal; we choose a fish one year. labeled inside and outside parts before filleting for dinner. Another year, a friend butchered their ducks for Thanksgiving. This covered: How to raise ducks. The many purposes of ducks. How to joint poultry (cut up the meat sections) Anatomy of ducks (external as well as internal) How to cook and serve duck. Now, I call that Biology w/ labs! *added bonus- a student, at this point has developed enough study skills and could study for a biology clep exam to receive college credits as well as highschool.
10 grade- Chemistry
Health Hazards of Not going Nuclear,  Nuclear War Survival skills,  Access to Energy
The Big Chemistry Secret offers a simple “coloring” book that covers all the elements of the periodic table in details. We do one element a week.
11th grade- physics
Faraday Lectures,  Common Sense of the Exact Science
12th grade- advanced science (college leveled for sure)
Chemical Principles, Thermo Dynamics Mechanical Universe (physics).
This is all just simply a guideline. In reality it is flexible upon the needs of the student.  Glean this information as you wish!

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