Letter Cc week


Our OCTOBER sensory bin seems to compliment the Cc week theme.

I can’t believe how much everyone of ALL ages loves this bin.
Even parents play with it; me included.  *smile*


Cc is for Caterpillar


We used brown construction paper of a child’s hand and arm for a tree branch, added a cut out leaf, and created a pom pom caterpillar.


Snack was a caterpillar (grapes) on a large romaine leaf…


This cutie decided to be the caterpillar and eat the leaf herself!


We then did a Color sort to Create our Caterpillars


Cc is for Car


Admittedly, I found this idea here at Crystal & Co.
I thought is was pretty cute!


We then used our toy cars to roll in paint to paint with.
I was hoping for a more track like effect, but hey,
they’re preschoolers,and they had fun!


The kids really enjoyed red light, green light.
*This is a game that I overly emphasize with my own kids, then also any kids in my care.  We start first with the signs; stop, go, slow… once the kids are familiar with the motions, we switch to “green light”, “red light”, and “yellow light”.  Eventually the signs are no longer used, but I continue the “game” randomly; in the house, on our nature walks, during outdoor play.  Soon it becomes second nature to respond when I shout “red light” as all the kids will “freeze”, then begin to play again when I say “green light”.  My reasoning on such a lesson is that it is highly effective when one is at the grocery store, in parking lots, or within crowded places to get a child to respond immediately to a request.  Ever have a kid just not paying attention, where you needed them to stop and look around before continuing on?  I have! plenty of times.  This “game” is a life saver.  Give it a try. 


Lastly, we used chalk to draw our town,
train tracks and all.  Kids played outside for a long time.


Cc is for Clouds


I had the kids use cotton ball “clouds” to paint clouds on sky colored paper.


We followed that simple activity with “cloud” play;
ie shaving cream on a cookie sheet!!  Fun stuff!

Fun game to follow…

“that cloud looks like….”

of course this has to be done on a somewhat clear but cloudy day.
Overcast days just aren’t the same, eh?

Normally, I would have had my older kids follow up this activity with a more in-depth concept about clouds themselves, but this day was just a whim of an idea for our youngest student, the 2 yr old.



In all honesty, we played around with our daily rhythm a bit for September.

With adding a preschool co op to our Monday and Wednesday mornings,
along with having after-school care kids show up mid afternoons,
we’ve had to reestablish our routine.

You may take a look at Our School Day Schedule to get a gist of how are days flow.


So my kids happen to have free time on Monday and Wednesday mornings,
in which they often find things to do together.
Katie (13) has taken to helping one of her younger brothers write a book, one chapter at a time. 
Andrew (10), who is overcoming dysgraphia (lack of hand coordination) often has endless stories to tell, but rarely could get it all out on paper, thus sister began to encourage his thoughts and creativity by being his hands for him.  I’m pretty proud of them both.

Other activities during this free time is outdoor play, board games, playing battle, and exploring self-led interests.

Fridays have been fun for adding field trips and fine art projects.


After reading about Baby Moses one week,
we did a color resist project with water colors.


Another week we explored the 10 plagues.
As I had the kids color and cut out the number (of plagues) for a craft project,
we all got sidetracked playing with the numbers.
My younger boys seem to have a slower time connecting place value in mathematical equations, but after learning how to read really big numbers (to the billions), they enjoy it much more.  I love “ah ha” moments.

We began Exodus late in the month and expect to probably take the whole month of October to finish it.  Moses had quite the journey!

The changes of Autumn with a bonus early field trip to a local pumpkin patch.

Frankly?  to finish up some books that should be done by now.
Getting ready to issue the next book for the month of October.

Language Arts-
We are working on phonetic word families;
Long A sounds such as with the ~ay, ~ey, ~eigh sounds; as in hay, whey, neigh.
The kids quickly recognize that the most common use is the ~ay.
bonus points; learning the i before e rule while learning the long a/”eigh” sound.

We wrapped up our penmanship review and will begin our writing structure for October.

I am excited for October as I see our days falling into a more peaceful (less chaotic) place…

Gotta love homeschooling!



Fun Friday is our Nature Study
which includes a nature walk…


It is always fun to explore a new area,
and since we recently moved,
our neighborhood, as well as our very own backyard,
is an excellent place to begin again.

Our Neighborhood

Week 1


Andrew and Bryson lead the way while Adelaide and her mommy joined us.


We found bees, grasshoppers, snakes, butterflies,
as well as some lovely flowers, lots of plum trees,
and some pretty cool succulents.

Week 2


Daddy and the puppy are joining us this time!


we observed some random plants…


and the weather has been delightful thus far…


which makes for a good outing.

Week 3

Some weeks are just plain busy, and you forget pics, right?

Last week was a bit of a crazy nature walk.
I have a friend who has begun to bring her homeschooled son (and infant daughter) over on Friday afternoons for some fun science activities, a speech presentation, and our nature walks.  On this day I tried to mulit-task by going for our nature walk at the same time as heading down to pick up one child for afterschool care (I do not have the 3 sibling on Fridays, so this was a random drop in care).  As this one child got off the bus, another child joined us as we ventured through the neighborhood.  This round of adventure was about our local deciduous trees, so we took samplings of leaves, seeds, and bark as the opportunities allowed.

Week 4


This round of a nature walk was in our very own backyard.


We, again, took samplings of the trees;
a piece of bark, a seed, and a leaf.


…then explored our findings!

Next month we will start our nature journals to our fun list as well.

Does your family stop to take a look at nature within the busyness of life?
Do you see the ever so small changes that take place around you?
Autumn is an excellent time to see God’s beautiful artwork!




Letter Bb week

There is fun to be had at Little Friends Discovery Place!
Yes, I named my preschool/daycare.
Admittedly, I have had several people lately ask how I can “do it all”,
with homeschooling, childcare, and doing a preschool co op in my home.
My response?  “Are you kidding?  I get to play all day!”
All kidding aside, I do believe it is a matter of attitude.
Simply said, I enjoy what I do.



Honeycomb cereal to make a honey comb;
pretty fitting, right?


Next we tossed “pollen” into the honeycomb.
Admittedly, this was a late-night, last-minute idea
that just happened to be a success.



Then we played pin-the-bee on the hive.


We completed our BEE activities by singing
“I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee”

I think the COOL (unphotographed) part was that we actually had captured a bee in a jar for our lesson time.  Of course we set it free when we were done.
Also, netflix has a fun Magic School Bus In a Bee Hive episode that complimented our lesson for this day.


For story time we read “Are you My Mother?” by Dr Seuss


We made paper bag bird puppets, as well as pinecone bird feeders.


Our snack was to make a bird’s nest out of pretzels,
then lay the “eggs” (grapes) on the nest.


The kids really enjoyed playing with the bird seeds


which unintentionally became a really cool sensory bin,
bare feet and all!

Yeah, Bb week was pretty successful!


Our Nature Tree

Fun For the Classroom!!


This lovely lady painted me a “nature tree”.
Over the years I have used a paper one that is old and worn.
Now, at our new house, the tree is on the wall,
and we are ready to explore our seasons and all things nature.


Didn’t it turn out cute? 

and because she knows me so well,
she signed her sketch of the project
and left it for me.  “love” it!


Just sharing a little joy in my days…

I recently was approached about doing some afterschool care. 
We have recently moved back into town, in a subdivision, with all the hustle and bustle of what a small town can offer.  *smile*  Honestly, it had never really occurred to me to offer afterschool care.   Some form of childcare, yes, but that was usually younger kids and during our mostly day time hours.    After school care seems to be a nice fit for us.  Mostly, I am sure, it is because of the family of three siblings that I have accepted into our home are lovely.

Admittedly, most of our school work is complete when the kids arrive afterschool. 
If not, we have two options:
1.  Wait til the evening and do it as “homework”
2.  Continue the work while the public school kids do their homework


Often, Katie chooses to do her math while the other kids are doing their homework.
It seems to compliment the circumstance.


Then the public-schoolers and home-schoolers take time to read for a bit.
Who knew a house full of kids could be so quiet.  *wink*


Next we add in some snack time and games.


As well as some craft time…


and some table time activities;
one is never too old for creativity!
Legos, Lincoln Logs, clay,
and hopefully during the rainy season,
some fun science concoctions.

Yes, homeschoolers get ‘social interaction’ on a regular basis,
and this is just another opportunity to do so.

The best part of accepting this opportunity is the chance to gain some great friends.  The kids are fun, and the mom is wonderful as well.  I love when something pulls together and you can easily see it was all a part of God’s plan in this part of the journey in life.


All About Apples


Our sensory bin:
Apple Pie style;
oats, cinnamon sticks, apples, and measuring utensils.

So I started a preschool co op in my home,
per the request of a fellow mom.
I just have to say how blessed I am to be able to do this!

Fun with little people AND visiting time with other moms is a total win/win!



Cousins doing the sharing thing very well!


Apple Pie spiced playdough! 
Smells yummy!


Story Time


Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr Seuss

Apple Activities

Cut Apples horizontal to do Apple prints.
The apples will have a star center.

Save the seeds from the cut apples to count,
set aside for craft.

Craft project:
Ok, so I didn’t do pics, so I’ll link a post that has the same craft.  Technically, however, I did not get the idea from this blog, but she definitely did the exact same thing.  We added our real apple seeds to the project.

Paper plate apple core craft

Follow up Activities

Apple Tree craft:
Trace the hand and forearm of the young child on brown construction paper.
cut out and glue to card stock.
Glue cut out leaves of green construction paper,
glue on “apples”; red buttons, red little pom poms, or use red finger prints for the apples.


Way up high in the apple tree, (pointing up)

Two red apples are smiling at me. (“hold” two apples and smile)

I shook that tree as hard as I could, (act out shaking the trunk)

Dooowwwwwwwn came an apple…. (arms wave down)

Mmmm, it was good! (rub belly)

Taste Test w/ graphing:

Create a chart with a variety of apples listed on it.
Let the kids rate the apples from least favorite to the most favorite.
Save seeds and count the total seeds per apple on a graph.

Field Trip:

Go to an Apple Orchid or find a friend with an apple tree!

Draw or sketch tree (seasonal study), and then pick apples.

Older kids (and younger) can help bake an Apple Crisp.  Mmmm!

Got any fun ideas to add?  I’d love to hear about it!




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