Let’s Talk Homeschool

Keeping it real, from my perspective.

There is no wrong way to homeschool, except to do nothing.  There are endless varieties of curriculum, learning styles, and teaching methods.

We are finishing up our 17th year of homeschooling this month.  Although it may seem like we have it all together, with all things running smoothly, we have definitely had struggles along the way.

Within 17 years we have had:
long lay offs/minimal income/faced bankruptcy
two kids within one year had surgery to remove their appendix
had 3 babies added to our mix over these years
moved 11 times
faced health issues
cared for a loved one with severe dementia

Some of the behind the scene challenges:
Sensory Processing Disorder
Asperger Syndrome

We’ve dealt with:
struggling readers
reluctant writers
precocious learners
strong wills
perfectionism to a default
flat out defiance

In the first 8 years we tried 8 different curriculum styles.

What gets us through it all?


The willingness to take a look at what needs to be accomplished, what goals we want to strive for, and what approach best fits the child.  Personally for us, we ventured out of the box (curriculum) and discovered the freedom of self-learning.  The key point is letting them work at their learning level (whether advanced or a slower pace) to gain mastery level learning which creates a solid educational foundation as their maturity and ability allows

The less complicated I make learning, the more my children seem to absorb knowledge and gain wisdom.  The less stress I can offer, the more willing they become.  My only requirement is a good attitude and sincere effort; the process of learning then becomes limitless. 

How do you approach homeschooling?
What works for you?
What helps your children thrive?



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