Why RC?

Hi, My name is Sheri, and I am a reformed curriculum hopper.

What does that mean?

It means that as a home educator, I was always looking for that perfect curriculum.
After all, there are so many to choose from, eh?

First of all, may I admit there is NO wrong way to homeschool except to do nothing.

Pick a curriculum, be consistent and actually do it, and learning will happen.

Shall I name a few that I have tried?
Abeka, Oak Meadow, Unit studies, Sonlight, SRA Reading Mastery, Heart of Dakota…
Admittedly, of those, Oak Meadow and SRA were by far my favorite.

Then I discovered RC.

5 kids, vast ages, and all we have to do is read, write, and do math?
Are you kidding me?

No workbooks, no text books, no work sheets, no quizzes??

and the kicker… the child(ren) work independently.
You mean no jumping from child to child, subject to subject, spoon feeding guiding the child to do their work?!

but that still isn’t the “why”…

The quality content of the books is what hooked me.
An enhanced vocabulary, moral values, and a richer level of learning.

Positive side effects of the Robinson Curriculum:

1.  To gain structure and calmness to our days by RC’s simple, yet effective format.

2.  This curriculum custom fits all the specific needs of my children;
the reading levels are not to be considered as grade levels as to not hold back (or push) a child,
but to let the student progress naturally to self educating.

For my older reluctant reader, it helped give him the tools to be successful.
My precocious student can devour all things reading at her own pace.
My special needs student can go at a slow n steady pace which provides the consistency he needs.

3.  cost!  seriously.  The curriculum ranges from pre-reading to college level materials…
RC also contains a complete vocabulary program, grammar, spelling, phonic flashcards, math flashcards, both manuscript and cursive penmanship, a 1913 Webster’s Dictionary, encyclopedias, and The Course of Study that is the heart of the curriculum.

4.  Support.  From fellow RC’ers to the technical support itself; everyone is helpful and encouraging!

5.  I am actually educating myself alongside my children.  I can’t help it.  I specifically favor the history biographies, in such rich details all the things I didn’t learn from my own education.  I can’t help but love it.

6.  Frees up our time for other things.  With getting our core foundation of reading, writing, and arithmetic done, we are finding more time to explore our other interests.

7.  Timeless.  Truly, and God willing, I could reasonably pass this curriculum on to the next generation.  A legacy worth leaving!

Now that is what I call a good investment in a quality education!

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