Our School Day Schedule


9:00 a.m.
Mondays, Wednesdays ~ Preschool
* letter of the week nature themes;
includes the letter of the week, a story with a craft,
snack, activity time, songs, and a game.
Tuesdays, Thursdays ~ History and Science projects.
*may include, but not limited to…
watching documentaries (or other educational resources),
experiments, arts & crafts, poetry, fine arts, and cooking.
Fridays ~ Preparing our lesson display
My kids put together on a poster board something that they have learned for the week.  Usually as a group activity.  We often share this project with another homeschool family in the afternoon on Fridays.


11:00  Indoor/Outdoor Play

11:30  Signing Time

12:00 p.m.  LUNCH

OUR RC AFTERNOONS (aka our core foundation of academics)

Monday – Thursday
12:30  Writing
1:00    Math
2:00   Reading

3:00   Snack

Friday ~
Share our lesson-project-of-the-week with a fellow homeschooler (aka “speech”)
NATURE STUDY ~nature walks, observing seasonal changes,
writing in our nature journals, and doing some hands on nature projects


*Bedtime History Hour ~
to read, to discuss, to ponder.

That about wraps up our new routine for this year.
Anyone wonder what my (older) kids do on Mondays and Wednesdays while I teach preschool?
Play.  Yep.  That’s about it…
board games, legos, snap circuits, draw, tell each other stories, etc…
a time to “just be” and get along together (for the most part).  *smile*

5 thoughts on “Our School Day Schedule

  1. I think it is great that you post this! I am always curious how other families do it and being new (to starting) it is quite helpful =)

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