l.i.f.e. Academy: Preparing

Curriculum choices~ check

Subjects picked~ check

School schedule~ check

Lesson planning~ check

Students on the roster~ check

Living life becomes our education.

The world is our playground.

God, our authority.

This year we are excited to have another homeschool family join us for group studies. 

Shane (8th grade) and Shelbee (preschool) along with their mom (the cute Sherry, not me Sheri) will accompany us for our History Hour, field trips, & fine art studies.   This is a win/win for us both, as Sherry is a new to homeschooling, and we all know how much I love to teach *smile*, while she will be quite efficient behind the scenes with corrections, supplies, printing, etc…  I always love the way God makes each school year just a bit different and always blessed.  =)

Our homeschooling will contains the basic 4 R’s:

What?..we do to homeschool.

Read- we read for literature, science, & history.
wRite- journal, letter writing, creative writing, & essays.
aRithmetic– math textbooks, real life applications.
Religion- the Holy Bible, prayer, & worship music.

How?..we homeschool.

Read- silent sustained reading & read alouds.
Recite- discuss what was read or learned (aka narration).
Relate- applying what you learn.
Record- usually in a form of notebooking, reports, or summaries.

Why?..we homeschool.

To teach:
Responsibility- to be accountable for oneself.
Resourcefulness- to equip oneself to overcome difficulties.
Respectfulness- to have a courteous regard for people’s feelings.
Reliability- to obtain trustworthy qualities.

May God bless, guide, and protect our up-coming school year,
and all the adventures that we may participate in…
in Him we give thanks!

Our 1st day… Aug 06, 2012

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