Summer Schedule 2016

We’re having some fun!

Our days are full,
and there are adventures to be had!

Introducing Camp Gonnahaveablast!

Each week we will have a theme to explore.

June 13th-17th           Picnic Play
June 20th-24th         Backyard Bugs
June 27th-July 1st    Patriot Power
July 5th-8th               Creative Construction
July 1th-15th              Vacation Bible School
July 18th-22nd          Icky Sticky Ooey Gooey
July 25th-29th           Going Camping (for real)

The kids will pick camp names to use,
as well as group assigned names:
Babies- are the “Sparklers
Preschoolers- are the “Firecrackers
Primary Kids- are the “Bottle Rockets


Monday through Wednesday is full of friends;
where most of our themed activities will take place.
Thursdays are only an extra friend or two,
so our rhythm those days will be a bit different.
I’m trying to keep Fridays open for family fun.

Our Daily Rhythm

6:30   Childcare begins to arrive
8:00   Breakfast/clean up
9:00   Indoor/Outdoor Play
10:00 Themed activities
11:30  Nature shows/or nature walk
12:00  LUNCH/clean up
1:00   Quiet time (for littles)
D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)
Board games- mass variety
History Videos-
3:00   Snack
3:30   Creative Corner (writing supplies)
4:00   FREE play
6:00-7:00  is when childcare goes home.

Our evenings will consist of intentional family bonding, from chores to read alouds to prayer time, and yes, even watching Bob Ross, because we all become memorized at the apparently simple (not) art of nature.

How are your days flowing? 
Scheduled routines?  (our Monday-Wednesday)
Flexible and free?  (our Thursday-Saturday)
or maybe something a little in between?

Epic Fail

Have I mentioned that I really have no talent?


I have no hobbies.

I can’t cook.

I keep trying to garden, but really??


Here is my potato crop!
I could have been upset that my husband
helped himself to harvest them
without us joining him,
but he really couldn’t of possibly taken the joy away when this is all there is!

What?  you can’t see those potatoes?

Here, let me help you…


The bigger one is the size of a penny.
yeah, special ain’t it.

Thank GOD that raising a family is so much easier than raising a crop!!


I try!  really I do. 

Year after year I learn so much more about the process and the details.  Yet, we just seem to not quite flourish.


Our corn is bumping along.  Hanging in there fairly well, or so I think.

Check out this garden box!


I am gone for a week taking care of my mom, and the weeds claim victory over my garden!
Notice the pitiful snap peas on the left, and the one sun torched rainbow chard towards the back center.
Our carrots never did come up!  6 rows of them even.  *sheesh*
A box full of weeds, nice eh?!


I was so proud of my flourishing potatoes…
umm, yeah, even they are now in question.  *sigh*

DSC_0564 DSC_0566

The upside would be that our apples and apricots are hanging in there!


and this beautiful baby bloomed!!

Do you garden? 

How well does it grow for you?

Our 2010 Garden results here.

The Summer Breeze

as in…

Breeze on by!


Outside turtle sitting


*adopted* big kid visits


playing with neighbors


indoor soccer with “sister”-to-be


hefty yard work for the 5 yr old…
and why yes, he is wearing pajamas… backwards.  O_o


and plenty of good games of foursquare!

Honestly, why does summer breeze by?  I always think I need grand summer plans but in all reality, life takes over.

We’ve had park days…

a Star Wars craft day… (can you believe no pictures?)

a beach day…

Vacation Bible School…

I have also spent some time with my mom.  She had foot surgery, and is now watching for infections.  Thankfully, several family members have stepped up to help her out, and we juggle out a schedule to take turns caring for her.  This is my week.  =)

Fred & TJ will be going to Oklahoma soon to help with disaster relief.  The younger kids and I may try to visit a good friends up north while they are gone .

Joe (& Amber) are looking for a place of their own.  About 8 weeks til their wedding day.  A trip to Hawaii. Then real life begins…

Praying about when to move/where to move.  Our rental home has gone into foreclosure.  Not sure what that even really means cept that we’ll need to move at some point.  May be time to buy a house.  Found the perfect one (for us), let’s see if God agrees!

Homeschool plans are outlined, and just about ready to be shared!

Takin’ Care of Mama has flopped for the season (yeah, I am honest that way, lol)

and my garden is pitiful!  (share more later).

So how’s your summer going?

Summer Rhythm

Yikes!  Need me some structure ’round here!

I am/was trying to have a more relaxed approach for our summer…  O_o

I love my free-spirited homeschool mamas! 
They are so creative, and relaxed, and … adventurous? 
yeah, that’s it, adventurous! 
Me, on the other hand, I don’t “wing it” so well.

I am a box-checker, list maker,’ kind of person. 
Now, with that said, I have learned over the years that “Life Happens”.
I have evolved from a “time scheduler” to a “rhythm & flow” planner.

And apparently my 5 yr old NEEDS structure too!
5 days into our “relaxed routine” and he is a meltdown mess.  gah!

OUR SUMMER SCHEDULE is now in effect.


So I love my Rhythm Chart.  I started this 2 yrs ago when Grandma M moved in with us to help her see how our day flowed.  She never really caught on, but my kids did.  It’s great because I CAN still be flexible but have some order in my day.  I write out our typical day, and then I use POST-IT notes to add or change things in a particular week.  A great way to include appointments, play dates, etc…    If interested, last year’s school schedule is here.  and the previous year is here.

Bible Time
to pray, to read, to worship, to love, to learn, to know… who Jesus is.

Fitness Fun-
physical activity:
TJ will help Bryson develop some soccer skills.
Andrew currently *loves* tennis.
Katie will continue to practice gymnastics.
and everyone will run around with mama…
at the middles school track and field.

Nature Hour-
We will enjoy our backyard!
Observe our fruits and veggies.
Bird Watch.
Pull weeds.
Just be…

Language Lesson-
admittedly, we let our Spanish, French, & sign language slide the past 6 months.  Katie-girl requested that we could refresh what we know AND include the (younger) boys more.

aka quiet time.  *smile*
A family read aloud followed by some silent reading for the older kids (TJ 16, Katie 11), and Andrew continuing his reading lessons w/ me while Bryson listens along and practices his letter sounds.

Delight-Directed Learning-
The kids will help choose an activity to do,
often together,
but allowed to seek out individual interests too.

aka Chores.
each child is assigned a room for the week.
They are to tidy it before Dad gets home
so that we can enjoy our family-time evenings together.

FREE time-
This is when my kids are allowed screen time;
TV, computer, or video games.
Often times the kids;
go for walks (TJ),
play outside (all),
ride bikes (Bryson & Andrew),
play super heroes (Bryson & Andrew),
read some more (Katie),
write letters (Katie),
Play some hoops (all),
jump on the neighbors trampoline,
and hang out with those same said neighbors
who are also our homeschool buddies!

Family Time-
includes the simple random things of our evening;
such as…

TJ doing wood work w/ Dad, and the kids going along for the ride!


Playing board games…


Practicing our Ninja moves…


or just hanging out with each other.


How is your summer routine going?


Summer Inspirations~

Summer!  that beautiful time of year…

full of sprinklers, popsicles, and suntans.

The answer is… YES, sort of.

The question is… Do you homeschool through summer?

I am still pondering what we wanna do…

On the one hand, to relax, just be, enjoy, etc.. sound lovely…

On the other hand, learning really never stops when homeschooling becomes a lifestyle.

Enter… unschooling.

aka… delight-directed learning.

The greatest explanation of unschooling is when you realize that life and learning are not two separate things. 

Last year I created a summer bucket list
well we didn’t even get half of it marked off!
How’s that for being real?  lol

This year I decided we will build our summer bucket list by adding what we do as we do it.

Lucky you; you get to see our random life as it is.  *smile*

Funny jokes, odd happenings, creative ideas,
and our sometimes lame attempts at what i think is a really good idea.

Basically our everyday life.

Welcome to our summer days~