We are a fun-seekin’, Christ-lovin’, home-schoolin’ family with a simple approach to life.
We walk our talk of faith…
and are choosing to take the narrow road…
would you care to join us?

Joe and Amber wedding

Fred & I are the parents of this space, and here are all our kids plus our lovely daughter-in-love.

FRED~the dad~ (2nd guy from the left)
The rock in our Christian walk,
a logic & facts man,
dedicated husband,
the “fun” dad,
hard worker,
dry humor (which is a kick when you know him),
consumer of anything sugary,
compassionate for the elderly and young alike.

SHERI~the mom~ the short, red-headed lady
The nurturer;
manager of the home;
blessed to be home with my children.
A born-organizer attempting to relax,
Trying to enjoy the small, overlooked moments.


Joe (26) and Amber~
This son is optimistic, intelligent, and creative at heart.
His wife compliments him well as both are fun-loving and joyful.
My absolute favorite blessing from these two is that they come over often (most Sundays) to just be with the family.

Meet my family

Nick (21) and his girl Kailynn~
This son has a level-headed approach to life with a splash of prankish humor and a touch of charm.
Nick is still living at home with us while going through an apprenticeship program,
while his girl will be starting her senior year of college in the fall.
They are both working hard towards their future.


TJ (17), and our lovely pit, Echo.
Passionate about righteous things, a strategic thinker with a witty charm.
Our Seahawks (NFL) stats guy, and Dad’s right hand fisherman!


Katie (13)~
Our one and only girl.
A beautiful personality with a heart for Jesus;
a zealous learner with an abundance of talented hobbies.


ANDREW (10)~ (the brother in the back)
Has a just and fair approach to life (aka very practical),
yet like his older brothers, has quite the playful humor.
He is our sweet ‘aspie’ boy with a generous heart.

rambunctiously “hyper-enthusiastic” (TJ’s definition of this littlest brother)
with a strong-willed determination to take on the world one adventure at a time.

Other common faces on this blog:


Adelaide (2)~
Our preschool buddy!  We often get her 3-5 days of the week.
Precocious lil thing who loves exploring new things!
I have a special heart for her mama, so it’s double-blessings to play with her.


Shane (16)~
Our additional (homeschool) student.
I tutor him, so he gets to hang out with us 2 days a week.
He’s lively and active and has a special heart for animals.


Gma M park day

Aunt Chanelle (left) and Grandma M (right) with four of the boys.
Chanelle is our world-traveling, well-educated, hike-loving, adventure-seeking relative.
She spent 2 years teaching our family French, is now helping us with Spanish, and is always a positive encouragement to us.
Grandma M is Fred and Chanelle’s mom-
She’s always been a strong-willed, hard-working lady who has always treasured her children and grandchildren….
we are now treasuring her more than ever as she has severe dementia at her young age of 65.
It happened rapidly, although we suspect the beginning signs were more easily hidden for years.
From us noticing she was “off” to her now very young like state was only a few years in the making…

Our other big kids:

4th of July Lyndsey and Preston

Preston (20) lived with us for a year after graduating highschool,
Lyndsey lived with us last summer while preparing to marry Preston;
Now they are expecting a baby this fall!  I’m still trying to come up with my well-deserved “grandma-like” name…

Justin (20) lived with us while finishing his senior year in high school.
A big crazy kid who probably shouldn’t own a motorcycle.  O_o

Welcome to the Hollinger House,
where it’s a bit crazy ’round here!
Not always easy, but usually fun, and always worth the journey

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Sheri, you have a beautiful family, and you are an inspiration to me! Thank you for all of your advice, tips, and time spent helping others with their homeschooling journey.

    1. Aww, thank you for such kind words. It is a blessing to encourage other families in their journey, just as a few people did the same for me in those earlier years… just passing the joy forward. =)

  2. Love your family! So beautiful. We are a homeschooling family with six children 10 and under. I am inspired by your journey. Keep sharing your wonderful experiences. Blessings.

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