Our Curriculum



History-  Ancient History via The Old Testament
Science- All things Nature; seasons, animals, plant life, weather, etc…
Complimenting activities to both subjects include watching documentaries (or other educational resources),
experiments, arts & crafts, poetry, fine arts, and cooking.


Language Arts
Professor Klugimkopf’s English Grammar & Spelling;
McGuffey Readers for grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Writing Compostion-
Daily Writing Assignments with a focus on story outlining and editing.
2nd grader- 2 good quality sentences or a paragraph of copywork
4th grader- one good quality paragraph or two paragraphs of copywork
8th grader- Two quality essays and one poem per week
Mon- rough draft
Tues- essay final
Wed- poetry
Thur- rough draft
Fri- essay final

2nd grade- Abeka Arithmetic 2
4th grade- Abeka Arithmetic 3
Both boys will be working on math flashcards,
as well as implementing life skills, such as…
counting real money, telling time, measuring, and the like.
8th grade- Saxon 7/6,
(she is opting to restart this book to reassure a firm mathematical foundation before starting the algebra journey.)

I will list specific books in our monthly goal posts.
Katie will read many classic books from the Robinson Curriculum reading list
(along with some other lighter reads at times),
Andrew & Bryson will begin to build a foundation from a variety of books in our personal library;
some from the RC reading list as well as other early reader chapter books.


Foreign Language

2nd & 4th grades-
Flip Flop Spanish & French
ASL Signing Time

8th grader (and myself)-
Pimsleur Approach (Spanish),
*hope to get the French one next.
Step by Step Spanish
Step by Step French
(*same link as the Spanish, **not an affiliate link, just a personal reference of what we use)

may include fort building, bird watching, dirt digging fun,
as well as the usual sports, dance, and music opportunities that may arise.
Hey, it’s a life of a homeschooler, right?