Our Curriculum 2013-2014

The Robinson Curriculum
We choose the belief that the core foundation of education is to read, write, and do math.
If a said child can build up on these 3 skills, learning is limitless.

Here’s our outline of what we do…

6th & 11th grades


New Testament
Voice of the Martyrs devotional
Do Hard Things


Katie- Saxon 6/5
TJ- Saxon Algebra


Will list specific books in our monthly goal posts.
Katie & TJ will read many classic books from the RC reading list
(along with some other lighter reads at times)


We began with IEW U.S. History based lessons this year.
It lines up nicely with what we were doing for history.
Currently, my students are writing simple daily essays that compliment their reading assignment.

Language Arts

Daily Grams/Easy Grammar
McGuffey 4th Reader
Professor “K” spelling (RC)

U.S. Government

The Federalist Papers
U.S. Constitution

U.S. History

1700-1800’s by using RC History biographies.

U.S. Geography

mapping out the journeys of the great men (and women) we will be reading about.

Health & Wellness

researching and writing about the different diseases and disorders as we come across them in our history reading to use as oral reports for speech.

Foreign Language

Flip Flop Spanish/French
integrating American Sign Language into our lessons.


Katie- dance, drawing, cooking
TJ- soccer, driver’s ed, basic car mechanics

The Primary Students:

Bryson– (Kindergarten)

The Goops character lessons
Calendar work (date, day, & weather)
Abeka K4
How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
(when the child is ready, and review lesson 50-100 for my 2nd grader)
Math-U-See Primer

NOTE:  After our move in January, we have switched to a very unschooling approach for Bryson.  Apparently he’s decided to ban formal reading lessons and is teaching himself by way of practice and observation.  I’ll letcha know how that is working, but surprisingly, so far it has been effective.
So via RC and the 3 r’s-
Reading- books picked at random to read, Bob books are being preferred, as is the Bible.
Writing- a picture journal; he draws a picture and writes a sentence to go with it.
Math- Abeka Arithmetic level K

Andrew- (2nd grade)
extra reinforcement is needed before beginning the Robinson Curriculum.

We are going with Abeka’s reading, writing, phonics, language, and arithmetic.

NOTE:  Andrew has finished the Abeka workbooks since our move in Jan.
I have officially moved him to 3rd grade status via an agreement of what 3rd grade looks like ie official RC lay out.

Reading- 30 min
Writing- 15 min copywork/illustrations
Math- still finishing Abeka Arithmetic.
Read aloud- 30 min

History for both younger boys via Liberty Kids series. 

And we are hoping for more field trips this year!!!

Umm, yeah, haven’t seemed to do many field trips so far.  ;^)

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