Echo~ Our 8 month old pit puppy


She’s a cuddler…


and she loves everyone!


For being a puppy still, she has been really easy to train!

She really doesn’t have any bad habits really.
An occasional chewed up water bottle or ball,
but the furniture is intact, even when we leave her for a few hours.
She doesn’t get into the garbage, nor bark incessantly.
She doesn’t run off…

Echo is just a big lovely girl who likes to snuggle!


Do you have any fur babies in your home?

There’s an Echo in the House

Echo eyes

We have a new addition to our home.

Our last little pibbles, ASIA, was put down 3 yrs ago.

We are finally ready to start a new journey with another pup.

Yes, she is another pit, and has quite the impressive heritage to her title before her name.

and yes, we’ve had her less than a week and have already received a snide comment on her “breed”,
but that’s ok, because we realize the ignorance is out there,
and we are just gonna let our dog’s loveliness show for itself.


“Echo” is getting familiar with her new pack (our family members),
is getting potty training figured out,
and most definitely is learning to control her puppy nips when playing.

It should be a fun year!