Takin’ Care of Mama- One Simple Step

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any fitness/health/spiritual goals or accomplishes.
Well, that would be because I haven’t really had any goals or accomplishments.

I’ve been working on One Simple Step…

only it isn’t so simple.  It’s been actually quite difficult, and I find that it still sucks.  ha!

What is my challenge?  My goal, so to speak?
To quit drinking Diet Coke.   Not only Diet Coke, but all artificial sweeteners.
Everyone says how bad it is for you.  Yeah, and I do the research, so I can’t really ignore the truth.  So, after 36 years, I’m giving it an honest effort.  It’s been over 3 months since saying good bye to my favorite drink… only, it doesn’t stop there.  After all, my next “go to” drink is ice tea… with yep, artificial sweetener.  It’s just not the same w/o it, but I go with out it anyways.  Then I have to give up flavored waters and the like.  This is totally boring.

Then there is the “energy” issue.  Yep, I have felt like a slug for over 3 months.  Surely one can get peppy w/o caffeine right?  After all, 32 oz of Diet Coke a day definitely kept me going.  Then I had an “ah ha” moment.  I am not quitting caffeine, just the artificial sweeteners… so now it’s Yay for me…

Here is how I am starting my days…


Candle light and Scripture…
and healthy coffee w/ a splash of peppermint!
Mmmmm…. just perfect enough to get my day going.

Takin’ Care of Mama~ It’s a pain.

color me rad

I haven’t updated on my health journey lately.
It has become a bit of a stale-mate.

Hiking the hills and then trying to begin a running journey has, in turn, given me a set back.  A knee injury. 

So for weeks I was more like a slug than a marathon runner wanna-be.  I learned some patience, and how to put myself in 1st gear.  Apparently, on a daily basis, I’d say I am at a constant 3rd gear, just simply going, going, going…. well, not.so.much.now.  In the meantime, my amazingly encouraging cousin signed me up for the Color Run 5K.  How exciting!  Amazingly enough, my knee healed up just enough to walk that run, cautiously mind you, but I did it.  And I got some fun hot pink sunglasses to boot!


Now I have another set back.  The same knee injury.  Oh, the 5k actually was great, but the puppy, however, is like a wrecking ball.  Pure muscle and speed, and well, a puppy.  So puppy and my knee had a collision and I am again learning patience and how to slow down.

In the meantime, my amazing daughter is joining me on a nutritional journey.  She likes to cook and make meals, and I feel a bit like I have my very own healthy chef.  I love that girl!

So, what are some challenges you have been facing lately?  How do you stay encouraged? 
Me?  I surround myself with people who care.


Takin’ Care of Mama~ Time to detox

So, I’ve gotten on track with all this Takin’ Care of Mama stuff.

I’ve cut down on diet Coke and limited fast food…
I’ve added juicing and protein shakes…
and I’ve added miles and miles of hiking!!

Yet, the weight in numbers has only gone down 13 lbs in about 5 months.
My belly is still very much round to boot, amazingly still the same measurement that I began with. *sigh*

The upside so far…
Healthier attitude
stronger lungs
leaner legs.

I’ve decided to do a detox program for 28 days.
To rid my body of all toxins; sugar, preservatives, dyes,
as well as common food allergens; peanuts, dairy, corn, gluten. 

After my gall bladder surgery last year, my body has not responded as well to my usual efforts.  I am a week into the detox, and the first week symptoms weren’t as bad as past efforts due to making some changes already.  I am hoping this up and coming week things will start picking up, as in my energy level.

Staying active. 

Obstacle course at the park…

TJ Rainier park tag
Kids are the best to play with!

I am still hiking with Chanelle when I get a chance;
however, an infestation of caterpillars the last few weeks has deterred our efforts. ew!

Here’s my new running buddy!


Katie-girl and I are taking baby steps to running.
Wind sprints are awesome!

Fruit-of-the-Spirit:  Self control…
in food, exercise, and attitude.

2nd Peter 1: 6-8
and in your knowledge self-control;
and in your self-control patience;
and in your patience godliness;
and in your godliness brotherly kindness;
and in your brotherly kindness love.
For if these things are yours and abound,
they make you to be not idle nor unfruitful
unto the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Takin’ Care of Mama- derailed

… but getting back on track.

Illness was here for a few weeks,

then life got busy…

and, well, hill-walking came to a crawl (our 5.5 mile hike went to a 1.3 mile walk).


Trying to enjoy this son while he is still around!
Of course, I get that *eye roll* if I get too sappy.  ha!

A few changes to my days:


Peanut’s mama quit her job.
Yay for her!  Boo for us!

We will miss the energy she brings to our day.
The good news is that we will still see her often…
‘Mama and me’ play dates are fun!

Nutrition is a battle:


My Katie-girl happens to be allergic to corn.
We had suspected for awhile,
but it is definitely on her no no list.

Guess what?!  Corn is in everything…
corn starch, corn syrup, corn flour, corn, corn, corn…
who knew?

I’ve decided to walk alongside her in her new food journey;
after all, eating clean eliminates much of the corn by-products.
Trying to figure out what meals look like don’t come natural for this mama,
so for now, we are on a learning curve.

My Journey with Jesus…

has been about beauty.
Thankfully, not about outer beauty,
which has always been an awkward topic for me…
but inner beauty.
That gentleness of the heart,
where the world seem a better place
beyond the troubles that surround us.
Basically, I am working from the inside out.
It’s a slow process, but I just take it one day at a time.

 She opens her mouth with wisdom,
and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue
Proverbs 31:26


Takin’ care of Mama~ I think I can, I think I can…

Yep, that good ole classic “The Little Engine That Could”
a story about optimism and hard work. 

That is my theme this week.

The upside is that I am now 4 weeks into this health journey.


For fitness, Chanelle and I have pretty much added a mile to our hill walking each week, thus we hit the 20 mile mark this past week!  We’ve had our share of rain, but also of some lovely cool, clear mornings.


and I was gifted with a new pair of walking shoes!
They are so comfortable that I don’t even have to break them in!
The “other” Sherry gave them to me.
Oh dear, just reading that link reminds me how much I slipped back from just 19 months ago…

I think I can, I think I can…
>optimism and hard work<
(just reminding myself… *sigh*)

The Results… after 1 month of …
hill walking (57.6 miles),
cutting out diet coke (w/ an occasional sip),
juicing (almost nightly),
and by far reducing the junk in my diet (aka attempting to eat clean)…

Up 2 lbs (yes, I could cry…maybe even did)
down 2″… in.my.arms??

I think I can, I think I can…
>insert scream here<
ok, now to focus on optimism and hard work…

I feel better, and stronger, and less lethargic…
but I am still very much … round!

Fruit-of-the-Spirit focus of the week:

yep, you guessed it… patience!

I think I can, I think I can…
I think I can climb mountains, and achieve goals!

Takin’ Care of Mama~ week 3 wrap up



Traveling this healthy journey one day at a time.

Chanelle and I walk some steep hills around here.
This past week our total was 16.6 miles.
Not too shabby if I do say so myself.
I am feeling stronger.  That’s a win.
I am not losing weight.  That kinda sucks.



My goals this past week were to add a protein drink to my mornings,
and juice every evening; it went well.
I’ve drastically cut out my junk food,
leaving one day where I allowed myself a slice of pizza and a glass of diet coke.
Considering the ignorance of my junk diet just a few years ago,
and the battle with myself to let it go is just that, a battle.

Some days I win the battle, and some days are easily surrendered.


Journey to Jesus

This week with the kids, we discussed Jesus being tempted in the desert.
We discussed how Jesus conquered temptation by using Scripture.
I think I need to pull up some verses to be able to reflect on as needed.

This week’s Fruit of the Spirit


Patience with my self, because this whole Takin’ Care of Mama thing is hard stuff.
Oh sure, it can be physically hard, but truly it is emotionally draining.
I’ve been ignoring self so long that I am seeing this whole thing as a very long up hill battle.
Ironic don’t ya think, since I am walking up some steep hills, literally, every day.

I think God must have a sense of humor.

“It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone,
but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” 
Matthew 4:4


Takin’ Care of Mama- end of week 2.

Success comes when we live a healthy lifestyle rather than choose a diet.



Including the family in my journey is important to me.
Retraining the poor eating habits is needed.

Many of us have begun juicing;
others are adding more fruit and a bit more veggies to the plate.



Been walking our hill.  Not much of a choice around here.
Either you go up, then come down
you go down, then come back up.

Chanelle has been hill walking with me.  My pace is improving so I am hopefully not slowing her down to much now.  We do have a lovely lake across the river that is fabulous to walk around.  We choose that on the week end to change our pace and our muscle memory.  It is a longer walk than our hill.

Hill walking:  2.4 miles daily average
Lake walk: 3.5 miles

Total mileage

week 1:   8.6
week 2: 12.2

Journey with Jesus

This week was focused on prayer.  Daily prayer, but also spontaneous prayer.  Like when you think about someone, or read that post on f/b where you know someone is struggling, or hear of some tragedy on the news, or get that text for prayer.  Trying to act on prayer immediately, rather than “I’ll pray for you” with the intention of remembering later that night.   Prayer is powerful; God is good.

Fruit of the Spirit focus-of-the-week:


trying to see the goodness around my on a daily basis. 
Implementing how to share the goodness of God by caring about others.
Goodness is the display of love.
It is the part of our personality that allows us to do the right thing. 
To show integrity and compassion to our fellow man.

How will you display goodness this week?