Our Curriculum 2012-2013


*red text is our 2nd semester update.  =)


Bible – Old Testament

Ancient History–  Mystery of History

Admittedly, I prefer the Robinson Curriculum as much as possible.  With that being said, it is a limited resource when it comes to ancient history.  I do love Mystery of History.  The time line is super fabulous of combining ancient history with Biblical history, and it is ALL ages friendly!


Classical Conversations Cycle 1 to compliment our map work in Mystery of History

Current Events/Social Studies

Kids of Courage by Voice of the Martyrs.
We will read about the current country events as we study about it in ancient history.

Jesus Freaks by dc Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs-
How others chose to stand up for Jesus, how it affects today, and how we can pray.

Fine Arts

Ancient Art by Harmony Art Mom which includes orchestra studies too.
Winter Nature Study by Harmony Fine Arts
Poetry by HS highlights where we will learn 30 forms throughout the year.
Nature Studies with Handbook of Nature Study as a guide, using the seasons as we go.

Foreign Language

Spanish for TJ & Katie.
Basic French & Spanish for Bryson & Andrew.
Both programs we will use is by Tell Me More (we purchased our through the Homeschool buyers Co op)



TJ-  Math-U-See Pre Algebra
Katie- Saxon 6/5, Abeka Arithmetic 4 (although a 4th grade level it feels equivalent to the Saxon 6/5)
Andrew- Abeka Arithmetic 1
Bryson- Add it!  and Subtract it!; Math-U-See Primer

Language Arts

Easy Grammar Plus/Daily Grams
McGuffey Readers
Professor “K” spelling from Robinson Curriculum


Excellence in Writing- new to us this year, we will see how it goes.
Virtual Language Alive by Joanne Calderwood (for Katie).

Phonics/Writing for Andrew

Phonetic Reader
McGuffey 1st Reader



We will study agriculture this year by growing a garden, tending fruit trees, and nurturing grapes and a variety of berries.

Living books will include the “First Book of ___” series  such as:
First Book of Plants
First Book of Bugs
First Book of Bees
First Book of Water
First Book of Trees
First Book of Stones
First Book of Zoology
Andrew & Bryson will be reading through Christian Liberty Nature Readers as a read aloud.
Labs will include dissection of a duck and a fish, plant life of sunflowers & pumpkins, and hands-on study of fruit trees,  (along with anything else that may suit our fancy.  =)


TJ~ We have chosen to find books that will strengthen TJ’s moral standards/religious beliefs.  The high school years are critical to strengthen the foundation that was built in the earlier years, thus here is a few books on his reading list:
The Overnite Student (a simple study guide)
The Case for Christ (teen version)
Not a Fan
Do Hard Things
Mere Christianity
Screwtape Letters
The Narrow Road
2  1 Missionary Books of his choice
Extreme Devotion by Voice of Martyrs.
Chronicles of Narnia
Robin Hood

Katie~ this child goes on rabbit trails of interest-led reading but her ‘assigned’ reading is the following:
Alice in Wonderland
The 5 Little Peppers (series) 1st semester
The Ruth Fielding (series) 2nd semester
-other books will be updated in our monthly goals-
*she did not read these books above,
but rather read the entire Dear America series,
and is now working her way through the Royal Diaries.

Andrew~ this sweet boy of mine is finally reading… yay!  Here is our reading list goal for him:
The Bob Books (sets 1-3)
The Big Blue Book of Beginner Books
The Big Green Book of Beginner Books
The Big Red Book of Beginner Books
Dr Seuss Books
Frog & Toad
Mouse Tales
Mouse Soup…
I will update if we get past this point *smile*

PreK Lessons for Bryson
A little bit of a lot of things;
someday I will get to listing down the resources that are by far my favorites.  =)
Our Home Kindergarten (*love* this, but on hold til 2nd semester) Andrew will do this also to compliment his science/math skills.


Driver’s Ed (by way of mom & dad)
Basic Car Mechanics
Welding (continued)
Krav Maga

Piano (continued)
Swimming Lessons
Drawing/Art (continued)
Tap Dance/Hip Hop

Andrew & Bryson-
Swimming Lessons

Have questions?  Feel free to ask me.  *smile*

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