to be…

To be… embracing our weather! 

I know it’s been quiet around this little cyber place of mine.

The days are a bit of a blur lately.  This mama has a lot on her plate and needed some time to refocus my purpose (while still doing everything, mind you.  *wink*)

To bequiet.

needing the time to step back and listen.
Silence, meditation, prayer;
to seek guidance from the One who has laid out my days before me.

To be… balanced.

Trying to balance illness & needs with love & kindness.
Embracing Grandma M and all her moods and challenges,
while not letting it override the needs of the others in this home.
That is the tricky part… to rest in His plan.

To be… healthy.

After much prayer, I’ve decided that it is time to let go of my Diet Coke habit.
and to face my carb addiction.  oh my.
I’ll get back to you on this one *wink* ;
as I am on Day 4 of this newest journey,
I already feel less sluggish.

To be… planning.

Stalling on my garden plans.
just need to take a day off and encompass the process, eh?
Also pondering our school days… hmmm.

To be… grateful.

that our modest income is enough.
that our overall health is well.
that our kids, as individual as they are, have good relationships with one another.
that our home is a place of encouragement, even when we ourselves are discouraged at times.
that laughter & love fill our house, especially on the most busiest of days!

(His) grace is all you need.  (His) power works best in weakness.  So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. 2 Corinthians 12:9


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