Takin’ Care of Mama ~ The Journey

Yes, I am back at it.


If you would like to know the beginning of this journey,
and review a personal reflection of my own struggles,
read here:  Takin’ Care of Mama*


I am ‘that’ mom.

That awful mom who swings by fast food… often… very often.

That mom who really is not fond of cooking… nor is very good at it.

That mom who lets her kids choose what they want to eat…

That mom who will give a second option to the main meal being served.

That mom who is round, squishy, and a bit comfortable to snuggle with when you are little,
yet not so wonderful when it comes to fun, active, outside events such as swimming, hiking, etc…

I want to change.

I want to begin with the clutter inside my body (ie nutrition)
so that the clutter on the outside of my body can take care of itself.

So I spend months pondering and praying what that will look like…

…and the first conviction is my obsession for Diet Coke.
my daily fix-all.

…the second conviction is my carb addiction.
it’s not pretty.

There is nothing purposeful about empty calories
and excessive amounts of additives/dyes/chemicals added into my body.

The convictions are there.

Then there are my many friends who surround me… many of whom have severe food allergies.

Gluten free, sugar free, casein (milk) free makes them free to feel better.

Then their is my family history… diabetes.

My grandma, my mom… praise God, not me… yet.

Thank God for friends who share a similar struggle, and share informational videos on juicing.

Thank God for friends whose expertise is on nutrition, and are willing to share that information.

Thank God for friends who encourage the journey.

Thank God for a husband who has never judged, and is my biggest supporter.

18 days… free…

It is not an easy journey to begin…

but God is faithful to guide my path…

if only I am willing to follow.


*Takin’ Care of Mama series was encouraged by Laurel @ Journey of Faith


2 thoughts on “Takin’ Care of Mama ~ The Journey

  1. Hey friend . . . so glad you are getting back on track. I desperately need to.

    You can DO IT!!! I was totally addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper for MANY years. Now . . . haven’t touched a soda in quite a few years. I have absolutely NO hint of desire to drink pop. None. Gone. I LOVE me some Iced Tea any day. 🙂

    Glad you are enjoying your juicer.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. I am looking forward to some SUN tea; still figuring out the whole sugar/fake sugar choices… just don’t know if plain ole boring tea will be satisfying enough, lol.
      *love* the juicer! who knew vegetable were so easy? *wink*
      Come on Laurel, join me, tis time for a new season, eh?
      I love how you so.very.much you encourage me!

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