Mission Field anyone?

I come to a personal conclusion that “the Mission Field” is located right where you are at.

When I made the decision to let go of my old blog,
and begin this blog last summer,
it was a fresh start to new beginnings~

We had just moved for the 3rd time in 3 years,
and in the process of all these changes,
my husband & I became aware of our calling to the mission field.

We are fully aware that this calling has been a lifetime process,
and we are still in the works of traveling this narrow road towards where God is calling us…

And then I read this post that reclaims a resounding “yes” in my very being~
The Challenging Word

May I just encourage you that ‘Missions in our backyard” is not difficult?
It is simply a lifestyle; a way to live.

Often, folks in our neck of the woods, tend to wonder why we do the things we do…

Why we decided to have 6 children;
because it is the right thing to do for us.

Why I became a stay-at-home mom;
because it is the right thing for me to do

Why we homeschool our children; 
because it is the right thing to do for them

Why a relative with dementia is living with us for a season;
because it is the right thing to do for her.

Why I chose to homeschool a functioning autistic girl for 3/4 of this school year,
on top of all the other things I was doing;
because it was the right thing to do for her.

Why we added an extra big kid to our household, to guide & mentor,
when we don’t really have the room or finances to do it;
because it is the right thing to do for him.

God meets us where we are at,
uses our shortcomings and personal challenges,
makes our ordinary days become something extra-ordinary,
if we let Him.

Smile at the cranky cashier,
~we don’t know their story.

Reach out to a new attendee at your church,
~this may be their first or last attempt at this whole religious thing.

Encourage a frazzled mama of young ones,
~especially if you have been there, done that!

Make a weekly visit to a stay-at-home mama with no car,
~she will beam with appreciation to have another adult to talk to.

Speak up, without gossip, when a legitimate concern for a child’s well-being is a concern,
~the parent’s will value the information.

Open your home to be a safe place for teenagers to “hang out”,
~the laughter is priceless!

Offer to babysit… for FREE,
~it will become a gift paid forward.

Be a listening ear to someone’s troubles,
~sometimes being heard is all that is needed.

Come alongside and encourage someone with tough struggles,
whether divorce, a prodigal son, an addiction, etc,
~being a prayer warrior is worth more than you’ll ever know!

This is just a small list of how we live “Missions” out loud…

feel free to continue adding to this list… I would love to hear how others reach out in their own communities!


2 thoughts on “Mission Field anyone?

  1. Thanks Sheri! You are such a blessing, and teaching me to bless others and seeing what I am doing in my backyard is just as important as across the ocean. I am so very thankful for you!

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