Big C, little c

Our table time activities were full of fun this week.  Technically, this would be considered preschool time, but Andrew is much too big of a boy to do preschool, so we call it table time.  He already knows ‘the what’ of the lesson (letter & sounds), yet really needs to strengthen his small motor skills… and let’s face it, it has to be more fun for Bryson if his big brother is joining him!  *smile*

One of my favorite preschool tools is from Confession of a Homeschooler.
I’ve always preferred a letter-of-the-week style, and she has cleverly done all the work for me.  Most can be downloaded for free per individual lesson, but I think the small investment is worth it.   I just simply lay the activities onto learning trays, and they are free to work on them as they feel led to explore.

My other preference for preschool activities is Abeka.  I invested in many of the learning cards, flashcards, and games years ago when I ran a daycare.  They are incredibly sturdy.

Andrew is also beginning Abeka Arithmetic 1.  We are finishing up the Math-U-See primer as an introduction to math ideas, mostly by just watching the videos.  He is ready to move on, yay!  I prefer Abeka Arithmetic up til 3rd grade.  I like the colorful worksheets for these younger ages.  (From there, we move on to Saxon 5/4).

Andrew is also becoming more comfortable with reading.  Lots of repetitiveness, but that’s is perfectly fine with me.  It finally feels like 1st grade.  The excitement of words becoming a story; so cute.

With our theme being Caterpillars this week, we had fun lining grape halves up on a lettuce leaf to create our caterpillar snack.

I just love these younger years.  So hard to believe that we only have a couple more years of this left *sigh* ~
so I’m just embracing the days as we go.

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