Our Cool School Party Day

Woo Hoo!
School has now begun!


The coolest way to start school is with an


Here are our students: (left to right)

TJ- Junior
Katie- 6th grade
Andrew- 2nd/3rd grade
Shane- Freshman (neighbor)
Bryson- Kindergarten
Shelbee- Pre K/ K (neighbor)


Our formal class picture!


Our crazy class!

DSC_0730 DSC_0729


We went over our school rules.
The older kids rules on top;
littles on the lower board.
We discussed our new idea this year;
Our  KINDNESS Project.
One intentional act of kindness each week.

The younger kids colored their “All about Me” book;
the older kids wrote down a few goals for this year.

Shall I share a few ideas with you?  MmmHmmm… think I should….

(We’ll keep whose idea it was anonymous)

Spiritual Goals:
Spread God’s good love of Jesus Christ
To be baptized
To show the love of Jesus more

Community Service:
to serve in the Children’s program at church on Wed nights
to volunteer at Portland Adventist Community Service (PACS)
to volunteer to entertain/babysit two little girls one afternoon a week.

Don’t burn the house down.

To finish my math book by the end of the school year.

To study the Revolutionary War

to memorize the entire periodic table by the end of the school year.

to finish a book for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in Nov).

to read a chapter a day.

watch the Seahawks win the Super Bowl.

Not too bad of priorities, eh?


Next we picked out our school colors;
yellow represents joy
blue represents peace
green represents growth

Then we picked a school mascot (Honey Badger),
to represent being fearless for Christ.
Our School Motto this year; DO HARD THINGS
(common past ones were “Be His Light”, and “Live Outloud”,
both with the intent of sharing Christ’s love.)


We had fun making tie-dye shirts using our school colors.
We will use these for our school field trips.


I’m curious how they will turn out.
Last year it was disasterous (orange & black turned into mucky yuck).

Stay tuned for the results….

We additionally spent time praying for our new school year.

All in all, we had a FABULOUS 1st Day!

Homeschool?  Public School?  How do you make the first day special?

and just for FUN, here is last years 1st day Fun Adventure:
Ape Caves!
(no one was interested in that big of an adventure this time, lol).

14 thoughts on “Our Cool School Party Day

  1. I wanna be your neighbor and do school together. 🙂

    Oh so wishing we had friends to “do school” with.

    Love ya! Miss ya! Hope to see you soon!

    Maybe we need to do a September “field trip” to the beach again.

    Laurel 🙂

  2. Holy cow you get Teacher?Mom of the year! I was happy to get through the curriculum, expectations and their Bible lessons done!!! It looks like you had a blast!! Miss you!

  3. I love this! I am going to borrow your model if you don’t mind – I don’t think I’ll be able to accomplish all of it but WOW!! My kids would love it and your various goals are wonderful. We’ve never done that before. Family is eating dinner – must go but I had to comment!

  4. In the ‘better late than never’ category, and perhaps displaying how juvenile I am at heart, I nearly died laughing at the ‘don’t burn the house down goal’. Indeed, that’s always a good one to start with.

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