Winter Term Wrap up

L.I.F.E. Academy~

We finished our winter term, and we’re ready to spring forward to new adventures.

Here’s our winter recap


History adventures:

December-  Vikings
Geography travels included Iceland, Greenland, Ireland, Norway, and Vinland (Newfoundland, Canada) and we explored the anatomy of Viking Long ships.
January- Christopher Columbus
Geography studies included learning where all the countries of Europe are, listened to a few common hymns of that time, and learned more about ships, as well as some common health issues of that era such as scurvy and melancholy.
February- Amerigo Vespucci
Geography focus was on South American countries, learned about navigation tools, constellations, and map making of the early 1500’s (before they realized New World).



We recently moved into our country homestead on Christmas day, so we’ve been learning All About Chickens; from feed, to coop clean up, to free ranging, to egg selling.

It’s definitely been an adventure, and I’m so grateful to Kailynn, who has become our Chicken Whisperer and seems to know what these crazy critters need!  Andrew has really stepped up to the coop to be an amazing helper as well.


The focus was on the 4 Gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  We will actually finish up our reading of these books during the Holy Week before Easter.


Bryson– beginning multiplication, review addition/subtraction while learning carrying/borrowing, and exploring fractions.

Andrew– solidifying multiplication, intro into division, reviewing roman numerals and liquid measurements.

Katie–  exponents, roots, and radicals


Bryson– Henry Huggins, The Family Under the Bridge
Andrew– The Family Under the Bridge, The Magician’s Nephew
Katie– Joan of Arc, Giver, Night, The Mountain Between Us, The Family Nobody Wanted


December- review prepositional phrases
January- All about Nouns; common, abstract, and proper nouns
February- All about Adjectives


January- Old English Hymns; Salve Regina, TeDeum Laudamus
February- All about the composer Chopin

Katie also does additional self-led projects:

It’s helpful that Kailynn is a fabulous sister-in-law to Katie and has a degree in Graphic Design and has her own Designer business in designer illustrations (digital design , calligraphy, painting, etc).  These young ladies get to enjoy some fun projects together. 


Even with the big move in December, getting back into the school rhythm went smoothly.   We are very blessed to educate our children at home.

It’s quite the treasure to be a homeschooler!




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