6 Steps to My Sanity Saving Style

Are you ever desperate for some peace in the chaos?

To be honest, I thrive on rhythm, routine, and organization.  However, with a household of 8, being a control freak is not really an option.  Not a pleasant option anyways.   So what are some choice I do make to save my sanity as a mom.

  1.  Morning Meditation-
    What gets you started on the right foot to face your day?  For me, it begins by getting dressed, complete with hair and face done for the day.  Then to sit in a quiet space (yes, before my kids are up), salt lamp on, essential oils going, lemon water on the side, and then this is where I pray for my day, read what God has to say to me, and review what’s on the calendar.  Basically this gets me ready to clearly think of my day.
  2.  Nutritional Balance-
    You get to decide what this looks like for you.  For me, it’s to lean towards clean eating with flexibility that life happens.  Supplements are a big win as well.  Vitamins, herbs, and protein shakes all fill in the gaps where otherwise my food choices just may not be enough.   My daughter is sugar free/dairy free so homemade options are the best choice for treats.
  3.  Fitness Fun-
    Around here, I take what I can get!  Beach Body work outs with the girls, nature walks with the boys, dancing in the kitchen… it’s all good.  Just move it and a groove it.  Exercise clears my head, improves my attitude, and reduces (my new to me) age related aches.
  4.  Quiet Time-
    ahhh, the beauty of rest!  Nap times aren’t just for littles.  As a homeschool family, I find it vital to take out an hour to just be still.  Sleep is optional.  I admit that I usually nap about 20 minute, and the rest of the hour can be sipping tea and having the boys read the Bible to me.  Sometimes it’s just hanging out on our king-size bed telling stories and jokes and giggling about silly stuff, but it’s still a refreshing pause in our day.  This is the best gift I give myself (as well as my family).  This resets my energy levels and refreshes my motivation for the rest of the day.  So go ahead, allow yourself and your family some quiet time in the midst of your days; it’s a beautiful thing.
  5.  Delegate Duties-
    IMG_1114[1] IMG_1115[1]
    I go through phases on this one.  Oddly, the more busy life is, the more I tend to do more of the chores.  Like maybe the added energy to delegate goes by the wayside?  However, after 29 years of parenting, I can say that a consistent chore routine is valuable towards getting everything done.  The saying is quite accurate, “many hands make light work”.   I most prefer to break household tasks into jurisdictions.  Those jurisdictions are rotated weekly.  It takes but just a few minutes out of our day, which ultimately gives us more time to play.
  6.  Be a Blessing-
    Figure out who you are and how that can impact others around you.  Kindness matters.  Truly, how we interact with our family is vital.   Taking the time to be intentional with others is valuable.  In the most chaotic of times, let us remember to Breathe In Patience; Exhale Grace.

And that, my friends, is My Sanity Saving Style.
Go ahead, give it some thought,
and let me know what you think works best for you and your household~

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