Homeschool Convention- Speaker Highlights

Summer is here,
and conference time is around the corner!

If you homeschool, or are thinking about homeschooling,
or maybe just want to support someone who does homeschool,
you really ought to check out your local area
for a homeschool convention!


Ours will be July 22 & 23, 2016

Because I am already set with my curriculum choices,
the style of homeschooling I like to implement,

I already have a stock of books that will supply just about every need from preschool to college prep…

I have to admit I am not going to the Conference to
*learn about curriculum
*purchase good deals
*sell my used books/buy more books
*compare products

Speakers are my highlight this year! 

I’ll just be candid here….

I mentor a whole lot of moms.  Many (but certainly not all) are homeschool mamas.  I share what works for us, and what hasn’t.  I mostly try to come along side moms and encourage them where they are.   It’s totally (basically) a one on one thing.  Yes, there are a few facebook groups that I tend to have a voice on, but I try to ignore that a few thousand people are reading what I have to share and simply focus on that one mom who asked for ideas or for help.   I am probably the most introverted extrovert you will meet.    I love people! I do not love attention.  All THAT to say….kudos to the ones who are willing to teach and reach a crowd!  I’m all in, and all ears!

Conference Speakers

I don’t care how long one has homeschooled,
we can always learn from each other!

Like with me, with one on one guidance
like with a guest speaker at a large event
whose wisdom it there for the sharing!

I’m excited about the Featured Guests of the
Oregon Christian Home Education Conference.

All of them have been an essential part of my homeschool journey.
It’s a bit weird in a way because I feel like I know them,
even though they have no clue who I am
from anyone else in the world that they may be encouraging and helping.

Todd Wilson

The guy who keeps it real from a dad’s viewpoint.
I love that he keeps God in the forefront of his topics.
Although dads would benefit greatly from his ministry,
I have found that I glean much from his male perspective.

Steve Demme

After all the videos that me and the kids have watched him teach math on… it will be enjoyable to hear what he has to say in person to us parents.  I’m looking forward to it.  Maybe I’ll even brave a question or two?  Who knows?

Lee Binz

From our very own Pacific Northwest.
She’s the one that eased my mind to embrace the high school years.  And guess what?  The highschool years have been the very best of our homeschool experience!  I’ve got two homeschool graduates so far, as my daughter begins her 9th grade year this August!  Need direction for high school?  A peace of mind maybe?  Lee is the one to go to.

Vicki Bentley

Can I just be honest and say her life experiences intimidate me.  Just the idea of 8 daughters was enough to impress me, much less that she has fostered 50+ children through the years.  She has a great heart to help moms (this is where I can totally relate to her), and I feel she has a great benefit to offer guidance to parents of young children.  I, as a veteran homeschooler and older mom, will enjoy hearing (and observing) her interaction with the crowd.

Additional guest speakers include:

Copper Web

2nd generation homeschooler-
a homeschool graduate who now home-educates her own kids.
Her speaking topic appears to be preschool and kindergarten.
After endless years of teaching preschool ages myself,
I love hearing what others have to share about it!

Bruce Isham

Well be still my heart, apparently he is a historic storyteller!
I’m going to have to check this guy’s stories out.

Come join me for some fun fellowship

If you are anywhere near Portland OR
the week end of July 22 &23…
Come join me…
and we can learn and glean ideas together!


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