Homeschool Planning: Step 1

Homeschool Planning

Step 1:  Creating a school year calendar.

9 week quarters = 18 weeks per semester
2 semesters = 1 full school year

Our school days will consist of …
9 weeks on, 1 week off…
except at the end of the 1st semester,
where we will enjoy 3 weeks off for Christmas.

First Day of School:  August 1st

Fall Break: Oct 3rd- 7th

Winter Break:  Dec 10th- Jan 1st

Spring Break:  March 6th – 10th

Last Day of School:  May 12th

Note:  we do not, in general, take typical school holidays off….
such as Veterans Day, Martin Luther King, President’s Day, etc…
instead we choose to spend that day to reflect on it’s purpose.
The exception being Thanksgiving week end.

Pretty easy peasy huh?

What type of school year would you choose?
Follow the public school calendar?
School year round?
Start later (like when colleges do)?
or like us, begin early, end early?

3 thoughts on “Homeschool Planning: Step 1

  1. We haven chosen to school year round having 4 terms. Summer is June, July August; Fall Term is Sept, October and November; Winter is December, January and February; Spring Term is March, April and May. Then each term we take 2-3 weeks off for various family trips and holidays.

  2. I feel like we will go year round. We are fairly child led so I can’t imagine stopping, but I think I, as in myself, am going to take a break. I’m always searching down art projects, science experiments, etc. Of course I will do those things on demand, but there is so much outside to do and explore I just feel that should be enjoyed most of all. I do plan on making sure we have plenty of free crafting and literature. I was thinking of using the Charlotte Mason reading list for some gentle literature ideas.

  3. Since my sister and I went to a public school before we started homeschooling, we stick to a calendar that’s similar to the one the public school has. We usually start school after Labor Day and end early in June. We don’t normally take the typical school holidays off either, unless we have something already planned for the day. 🙂 (We do take Thanksgiving weekend and the weeks after Easter and Christmas off, though.)
    I loved reading about your plans for next school year! Good luck with everything. 😉

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