Homeschool Planning

Let’s just face it.
Most of us homeschoolers love this time of year!
Before we have even wrapped up our school year,
we are already planning and plotting for the next year. 
We just can’t help it.
Fresh ideas and new beginnings; how can that not be exciting?!

I, personally, outline my school plans.
For the next 8 weeks, I will be taking one step at a time to discuss in detail.

Here is my outline:

  1.  Establish when the 1st day of school will be.
    Outline the 4 quarters; mark on a calendar
  2. Create a rhythm chart;
    a brief summary of the week
  3. List subjects to cover for the year
  4. Break subjects into details
    ie science/biology, history/Early American
  5. List resources to use for such subjects
  6. Take supply inventory.
    Make supply list; watch for sales
  7. Plan a 1st Day of School Celebration
  8. Hold a student/teacher conference per child:
    *establish goals
    *share expectations
    *set up planners

See you Monday.  Happy Planning!


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