Let’s talk Homeschool Convention

Homeschool Confession:
It took me over a decade of homeschooling
before I actually went my first Homeschool Convention,
and really it was only because friends invited me.

Crowds just aren’t my thing; and it tempts me to spend money.
Really it’s the same reason I avoid malls, county fairs, and yes, Disneyland.

That was 2012.  I went back again in 2014.
Again, a friend asked me to go.
Not only go, but to help promote the curriculum I love the most.
So I went, had a blast, and was blessed.

Guess what?  It’s 2016, and I’m headed to one once again.

Oregon Christian Home Education Conference

I’m enjoying the guest speaker line up,
which I feel is the best part of the conference.

So who goes to a Homeschool Conference?

I figure there are three main reasons.

  1.  Curious parents.  Whether just simply having infants, toddlers, or preschoolers and wanting to check out options, or the parents that know (for any given reason) that public school isn’t working for their child.
  2. The novice homeschooler.  Let’s face it, walking into the idea of homeschool leaves you with a plethora of choices and options.  To view everything hands-on can help make decisions.
  3. The veteran homeschooler.  We know what we want and will look for the deals.

In all reasons, the real benefit of a homeschool conference is the fellowship.  To see other like-minded folks that are real people like you and me, simply wanting the best education for our child(ren).  It’s pretty awesome.  Wanna join me? 

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk Homeschool Convention

    1. yes, make a list of what you may be looking for (cost effective deals), and only take cash. It is really easy to spend money in these places and then have buyers remorse (or not, lol). Most times, it is worth the purchase because it eliminates the shipping cost that you would usually have to add other wise. Enjoy, and take a friend. =)

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