Winter is Blowing by… part 2


February began with a wind storm;
a 90 min wind storm that created a bit of local havoc.
Fences were crushed, a few cars smashed, roofs of some were demolished.

In turn, all our beautiful old growth behind our house was taken down.  A whole row of fir trees that lined around the backside of our neighborhood.  Kind of sad, but we are still fortunate to still get a great nature view!

My last post Winter is Blowing by… part 1
was about some fun daily activities
we do with mostly my preschool/childcare kids.
This post is more sharing about our homeschool activities.

In the morning:


While I am doing our Preschool lesson hour,
my boys are in my (the parents) room doing their math.
By themselves?  Mostly, yes.  They are working hard on math facts, along with a few other things, and they know if they have any questions they will have to wait until until the hour is up.  Quite frankly, they rarely need assistance, and work quite fabulous together.


My daughter also opts to do math in the parents room also.
I’m pretty sure they enjoy the view that I mentioned at the top of this post.

After lunch:


We read books to the littles before settling them for a nap.

Then the afternoon is set for reading time (literature),


followed by our writing time.
This day we worked on synonyms for the word peace.
We have been emphasizing stronger verbs to use,
and are still going over adjectives.

Writing consists of penmanship practice, copywork, writing to penpals, and working on essay skills.  It’s coming along nicely, partly because Katie sits in on the lessons with the boys and participates, thus they learn by peer example.  Katie is also working through a writing program called Advanced Writing Resources, on her own time.

Followed by:

self-led interests… such as…

Katie (14)- French, crocheting, blogging
Andrew (11)- comic books (charlie brown style) to read, often draws his own stories.
Bryson (7)- geography.  Using our GeoSafari learning games, our interactive globe, and my phone (he is fascinated with maps).


We have also enjoyed a few nature walks this month…


as we continued our evergreen study.


Admittedly, it’s been quite wet here in the pacific northwest
so we haven’t been out venturing as often as we like.

In the evenings:


Our time to explore interests together.
I use to call this time our “morning time”
when we use to open our days doing this…
now that we have implemented childcare into our schedule,
I have found the evenings to be a perfect fit for this.
We call it Table time,
which instills some quality time with the kids
so they still feel they have their mom’s attention,
and also a fabulous way to decrease media habits,
and the bonus is that it has created
a more mellow transition to bed time.


Table Time consists of:

a read aloud-
Often a history biography, although currently enjoying
The Burgess Animal Book for Children,
in which I often pull up sounds and real videos
of the animals we are reading about (on my phone).
Kind of cool really.

Timelines/map work is easily implemented with history reads
Classification charts for the animal kingdom
is what I am currently beginning with my kids
to compliment the book we are reading.
Hoping they begin a diorama soon.

We read scripture, as well as discuss character traits, and ponder on the prayer needs around us.

doodle art, sketches, journaling, clay sculpting, crafts;
with the intent of classical music in the background.

It usually take an hour before bedtime.
I’m enjoying the calmness of it all.

“Winter comes to you, quietly. It arrives at that one precise moment when the atmosphere turns an almost indescribable shade of blue-gray and is at its best in the Indiana countryside. It shows itself to you in a snowy, late afternoon and can be seen best while gazing across a tree lined field or a meadow where everything the snow touches becomes a new piece of God’s handiwork. When time has found exactly the right moment, from every direction there comes an amazing crescendo of silence and, in that silence, nature whispers in your ear to tell you just how right things can sometimes be. Winter smells like marshmallows melting in hot chocolate. It sounds like embers popping inside the fireplace and looks like an old stone hearth where the cat sleeps and basks itself beside the smoky warmth of burning hickory. And the best part of winter comes to you, quietly. ”    -F.C. Wade


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