Afterschool Care Meets Homeschool family

I recently was approached about doing some afterschool care. 
We have recently moved back into town, in a subdivision, with all the hustle and bustle of what a small town can offer.  *smile*  Honestly, it had never really occurred to me to offer afterschool care.   Some form of childcare, yes, but that was usually younger kids and during our mostly day time hours.    After school care seems to be a nice fit for us.  Mostly, I am sure, it is because of the family of three siblings that I have accepted into our home are lovely.

Admittedly, most of our school work is complete when the kids arrive afterschool. 
If not, we have two options:
1.  Wait til the evening and do it as “homework”
2.  Continue the work while the public school kids do their homework


Often, Katie chooses to do her math while the other kids are doing their homework.
It seems to compliment the circumstance.


Then the public-schoolers and home-schoolers take time to read for a bit.
Who knew a house full of kids could be so quiet.  *wink*


Next we add in some snack time and games.


As well as some craft time…


and some table time activities;
one is never too old for creativity!
Legos, Lincoln Logs, clay,
and hopefully during the rainy season,
some fun science concoctions.

Yes, homeschoolers get ‘social interaction’ on a regular basis,
and this is just another opportunity to do so.

The best part of accepting this opportunity is the chance to gain some great friends.  The kids are fun, and the mom is wonderful as well.  I love when something pulls together and you can easily see it was all a part of God’s plan in this part of the journey in life.


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