A Random Day in the Life of Miss Sheri

At my house, we open our home to many people of many ages.

Our house rules:

Be kind
Have fun

Yesterday was a kid kind-of-day!

I had a few kids over (age 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, & 10) ,
and Katie-girl was babysitting three boys (age 3, 5, & 7).

That makes for a FUN kind-of-day!


The girls crafted.


The boys battled scenarios.


They created a tape town for cars.
ok, so I had minimum masking tape,
so I perused a big brothers room for painting tape,
thus the two colors.  Not pinterest picture perfect,
but creative enough perfect, right?  *smile*


We had play dough time,
with apple spiced scented dough.


as well as a Bible lesson with a craft;
today was about Jacob’s ladder.
We experimented with a new puff paint recipe.


Next was some quiet time,
watching How to Train Your Dragon…


as well as a little bit of story time.

We then wrapped up the day with…


Katie girl playing Polly Pockets with some kids…


while TJ joined in with some car action.

I LOVE living back in town again.
I feel so blessed to enjoy my day by playing with my young friends!

Life is Good, and God is Great
and kids are a blessing from the Lord!!

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