Week 1 Homeschool wrap up


Our backyard; a view from my room.
My room; the place where the boys like to do their reading lessons.
(Did you see my recent post about our Homeschool Classroom?)

Needless to say, the scenery seems motivating.
Can’t wait to take a snow filled picture in the future.

This past week we wrapped up our first week of this school year.

We are finding our rhythm still.

The Boys (2nd & 4th graders)

Reading- Trying to test out where the boys best fit for their reading assignments;
the right literature series for their interests.  We’ve jumped around a bit.

Math started off strong.

Writing– we are reviewing proper penmanship before truly beginning our assigned copywork.

Katie (8th grade)

Read- The Bobbsey Twins

Math- Restarting Saxon 7/6 to build a strong mathematical foundation before beginning the algebra journey.

Fine Arts- Renaissance era; history, artist, music….

Writing- working on a composition about the Renaissance era.


History– Last week we began our walk through the Old Testament,
for preschool activities as well as our ancient history study for the kids.


Working our way through Genesis…


where we left off with Abraham, Sarah, and Baby Isaac.

Our modern version of a Daily News report for the family:

The Hollinger Highlights~


Scripture of the week is listed.
Daily notes; mostly mom reminders
The kids fill in the weather and nature notes daily,
as well as check off their assignments.
I am also hoping listing meals for the day will stop the “What’s for dinner” nightly question.  ha ha.

Slowly catching our rhythm…

It’s great to be a homeschooler!

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Homeschool wrap up

  1. Oh how I MISS homeschooling! And, I MISS you, too. 🙂

    But . . . getting ready to help daughter-in-law start the homeschooling process with her oldest. Yeah!!! (We have 2 grandsons and their mommy and daddy living in our basement. Super FUN!)

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