The Homeschool Classroom


A new house for our 2015-16 school year.
Hopefully it will be our last house for a very long time. 

I’m going to share our learning areas. 
I want to first explain that it does not take a classroom to create an education.
Homeschooling can be done anywhere;
the kitchen table, the parents bed, in the car, on a picnic table even!
If you and your family homeschool, do what is best for your family.

As for me, and our homeschooling, I chose to give up our front room and formal dining area in exchange for a learning area.  It is what best fits my personality (type A, organized, planner… you get the idea).

The photo above is the angle from our stairs of our “front room”.
This is our classroom.
Mostly intended for the school aged kids;
tons of literature books available.

This photo is the very left corner.  It is our “classics” bookshelf;
Dickens, Carrol, Twain, etc…

along with our “new” Book of Knowledge set (encyclopedia, in ABC order),
and our original (old) Book of Knowledge set (in chronological order).

The drawers are my teacher stuff to keep us organized;
our phonics review, our read aloud, and our game & craft of the day.


On the other side of my desk is the kids workboxes (drawers).
This is for their independent morning work.


In that same area is our Geography corner;
maps, globes, atlas’s, etc…


Located to the right side of the school room photo (viewing actually from the big white board) is our nature and science corner.


Our Preschool and Craft section!

Notice the nature area (and the big white board) on the left.
This section is just the continued space of the front room,
technically the “formal dining” room.

I found this awesome table set at a garage sale just recently.
It is a heavy, solid, old school table, and I love it!!
Ironic that it matches my pink dresser (that never matches ANYthing, ha ha).


This is the wall on the right side of the above preschool photo.
It will be for our morning board activities and crafts.


The corner cabinet is our fine arts and foreign language corner,
as well as some craft supplies.


…and to put reality into perspective,
these are (est 400) history related books placed into our office,
which currently is a big fat mess.
(not the books, but the room itself!)

We do read alouds & circle time in our living room,
we do snack & meal time in the kitchen,
we do recess & nature walks in our backyard…

In the ebb and flow of time,
The world is our our playground.

Living life is our education.



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