Summer life…

This is Our July, while in the Middle of Moving…

My family spent 2 entire weeks prior to the 4th of July to decorate our church for VBS, along with many other amazing volunteers.

Our theme was Journey Off the Map,
so we went with a woodsy wilderness style.

My classroom ideas:


Our sanctuary;
building a waterfall was a lot of work…


My four yr old class was a busy but fun group!
Thank God (literally) that I had such fabulous helpers!
(I’d be the red-headed lady in the back).



Yep, after VBS week, we began packing… books!


and then I’d take breaks to enjoy the small moments of summer~

like playing outside…


enjoying lunch dates…


join a mom’s Bible study where kids are welcome…


prep gifts for Nick’s 22 birthday…


watched U.S.A. lose against Jamaica for the Gold Cup…


and had friends over for a tea party…


where the girl’s made fresh peach pie!  Mmmm….

Did I mention that I have been packing books?
Lots and lots and lots of books.  oh my!

We are fortunate enough to be able to move all said boxes of books to our new house earlier than the planned move in date.  So grateful!  It took 2 full truck loads of just the books (followed by all the bookcases) to move them all.  I quickly (9 hours last Saturday) unpacked half of them.  So now we have extra boxes to begin packing the rest of the house!  Ha!

Bonus event:
First night we moved boxes, we had neighbors introduce themselves.
A mom with her 13 yr old daughter and 15 yr old son.
The daughter had picked blueberries from our new house to make us these…


Blueberry Muffins!  How lovely is that?!

In my spare time, I am planning out our preschool lessons for the year, deciding on our homeschool routine, creating a chore schedule, organizing our (new) school room, making a monthly meal plan, an organizing a preschool co op to join me on Tues and Thurs.    I am very excited to get settled in our new house to let the fun begin…  hopefully in about 2 weeks!  ~feeling blessed~ woo hoo!

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