End of the School Year Wrap up…

sort of…

It’s coming to a close…

our School Year AND a Homeschool Grad

I haven’t had a chance to post much this past month on our schooling because, well, I am preparing for another homeschool graduate!

I have had a public school graduate (2007)
and a public school switched to homeschool (in 4th grade) graduate (2011)
and now my next graduate will be my first child who has mainly homeschooled through the whole process.

It’s been an amazing process… all 3 of them!

Here is my crazy homeschool crew this year:


TJ, my senior student, has been my responsible, reliable, right hand man.
I have embraced and enjoyed my days with this child of mine.
No longer really a child but a man equipped to face the world.

We technically have 4 weeks of homeschool left.
I have kept things simple; read, write, do some math.
Why?  Well, because that is the core of why we do the Robinson Curriculum,
to keep our foundation strong when life ebbs and flows.
The rushing activities of preparing to wrap things up for my homeschooler
allows for us to also do some “free range” playing, in my presence of course.

Our Back Yard~ yes, it is the woods.



The Park



The River


They play, and explore, and build relationships…
that will last a life time.

Meanwhile, I am wrapping up final lessons for said senior, creating his transcripts, planning his graduation activities, guiding him on building a resume, praying alongside him on selecting his future job of choice, and honestly, absolutely treasuring these last few weeks of spending my days with him.  The calm…caring…confident…character that he is.

It’s a blessed journey to be a homeschooler!

 Train up a child in the way he should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6


2 thoughts on “End of the School Year Wrap up…

    1. Aww, bless your heart Daune! It’s so lovely to see you drop by. You always make my heart smile! I’ll have to check in on you… it has been a long while, hasn’t it?

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