Our School Year Schedule

Year round homeschooling or traditional school schedule?
Do we take summers off?
Do we follow the public school calendar?

These are the questions I am frequently asked.
My lovely friend Nicole at Journey to Excellence recently shared her school schedule,
so I thought it was a good time to share ours also.

Our Basic Outline

9 weeks on, 2 weeks off
4 quarters quarters per year.
We grade formally per every 2 quarters (each semester).

We do not follow the public school calendar.
We did for many, many years, because frankly, my oldest son went to public school and it was easiest.  But then he graduated and life became much more flexible!

Our school year begins the first week in August. 
It’s hot, the kids are beginning to get antsy, and honestly, we simply enjoy finishing school in early May when our public school friends are still in school.  We take advantage of some fun field trips without things becoming crowded yet.

Another notable difference is that we do not take off ALL the random holidays that public school chooses to.  Instead, we often choose to study specifically on the topic, such as Veterans Day, MLK Jr Day, Presidents Day, and so on…. we do however take Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years off.

June and Julysummer vacation or a sunny education? 
Technically, we consider these two month to be our summer vacation,
but let’s face it, once you get in the flow of homeschooling,
learning never stops.
Summer is when you pull out all the fun topics you just didn’t seem to get to during the school year.
It is also a time to really explore some self-led interests with more freedom!

Our summer (2015) will include
Abacus math, more science exploration, and an emphasis on our foreign language interests…
as well as park days, beach time, hikes, and lots and lots of play time!

How does your family enjoy summer?
Do you have the usual school schedule?


“There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens”
Ecclesiastes 3:1

One thought on “Our School Year Schedule

  1. We school year round too but our schedule is not as nicely laid out as yours. We have 5 terms of nine weeks for each term. We take a two week break for Christmas, a few weeks for summer camps and the rest of the year we break as needed.

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