Springing into Science

Our SPRING Rhythm Chart


Our Schedule this spring term is different for us.

Because the kids wanted to participate in two co-ops, which takes up our morning, I switched our 3R’s to the afternoon.  Meanwhile, as I wrote out our scheduled activities, I realized we have a lot of science going on.

Monday science is for the older kids astro-physics class where we do a weekly science experiment.  My tutor student joins us for Monday and Tuesday, so this works well, as often times, it takes two days to complete the project.

Tuesday Science co-op offers the younger boys a biology class (and cooking).
I teach the Kinder and PreK group at this co-op, and it will be on Anatomy.

Wednesday School is offering a Physics Quest class for the older kids,
and I am co-teaching some basic science stuff for the younger crowd (9-12 yr olds).

Thursday and Friday– Well, since I am doing all the research for anatomy for my tuesday class,
I can’t NOT implement the resources for my own kiddos (with more depth),
thus we will do some hands on projects Thursday and Friday to compliment that.

…and of course, don’t forget our week-end nature walks!


I happen to love the ebb and flow of homeschooling,
because some season we don’t do any science (well, minimal anyways),
but then another season always makes up for it. 


Are you doing Science?  Did you enjoy it as a student?

4 thoughts on “Springing into Science

  1. First, I LOVE the look of your rhythm chart. For this season of our homeschooling, nature IS science, for the younger three, anyway. The high schooler has Biology, one college student is in Physics, and one college student is taking Science Fiction as Literature. 🙂

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