A Homeschool Life~ “In Our Free Time”

One of the common questions I receive when people find out that my kids use the Robinson Curriculum style,
which is to do their core studies of reading, writing, and arithmetic independently,
is “Does your family do any activities together?”
Obviously, this is a question from folks who don’t know us,
but none-the-less folks are often referred to this blog.

My favorite answer… Life IS Learning.
Although we get a well-rounded education utilizing RC doesn’t mean learning stops there, right?
After all, most our hands-on activities we simply consider to be family time,
but could easily be deemed “school”.

Here is an example of just the past couple of weeks…


A study on Binary Planets, as well as as doing an experiment using centripetal force vs centrifugal force.
We flung around a bucket of water, a bucket of rocks, and a bucket of carbon dioxide (baking soda and vinegar) to observe how the forces changed based on content.


We continued our Solar Physics interest by studying Mars.
The experiment this day was to observe how rust is created by using steel wool, salt, and vinegar.



Kinect if it’s raining…


Playing outside if it’s dry out;
which includes backyard baseball, running in the woods,


going for walks in the hills, or strolling the riverside.

The last couple of topics of our Biome study:

We had this cutie over to join us for our POND study!
He is my cousin Cassandra’s boy, Eli.  I just love that sweet lil face!


Our Pond


coffee filter butterfly, handprint cattails, lots of finger painting, cut out lily pads and dragonfly stickers… not bad for a late morning of fun!

Our Ocean study:


Our 4 ft wall mural


Some Sea-Foam


This was suppose to be Sea-dough, however it was more like snot… sea snot?

and our Sea-Slime!

In Our Down Time


siblings hang out…


enjoy some quiet time… with nature (see the turtle?)




do a 2nd lesson of math while watching a old TV show,
or practicing her photography,
or writing for her blog,


playing board games with one another; battleship, sum swamp, and yahtzee.
enjoy active games; such as ‘ball tag’, hide-n-go-seek in the dark, and Wii Sports.
observe nature; explore the woods, bird watch, identify animal sounds and tracks


discussing politics; with such topics as Ferguson, ISIS, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah
studying scripture; such as reading about lent, forgiveness, and communion.
watching documentaries; such as Planet Ocean, Men Who Built America, and Wings of Life
do read alouds; such as Up From Slavery, Lincoln’s Letter and Speeches, and Wind in the Willows.

Learning really is limitless don’t ya think?

What do you do as a family?
What hobbies do you enjoy?


3 thoughts on “A Homeschool Life~ “In Our Free Time”

  1. I agree, we do something similar. Our kids do reading, language arts and arithmetic on their own; everything else is done in group. We have more fun that way, create awesome memories, and it’s less work for me! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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