It’s a Jungle Out There…

with a splash of Brazilian knowledge too!

So going through a BIOME each week has proven to be fun!
In all honesty, it is actually my class I teach at our Tuesday Science Co op,
along with my co-teachers discussing a country  per week,
thus we compliment each others activities well!!

This Week:  The Amazon Rain Forest & Brazil


We opened up class discussing the 4 layers of the Rain Forest,
and what animals lived in each level.
I was fortunate that my co-teacher can draw!

I then passed out a small picture of each animal to the students
where they had to act out that animal for the rest of the class to guess which one it was.
Sometimes the most simple game ends up being the most fun.  This was one of them!

We then moved on to the map to show where Brazil was…



Story time covered details about Brazil;
Although the Amazon River runs through Brazil, there is no bridges to cross it.
The cacao plant aka the cocoa tree is a small evergreen tree where we get cocoa beans,
yep, those beans that are used for cocoa powder and chocolate!  Mmmm….
The Rubber tree can be tapped for latex once it matures to 6 yrs of age,
which is much like tapping a maple tree.    Fascinating, huh?

The fun part of participating in a Homeschool Co op
is that you get to take home the lessons to live out loud for the week!

We all know that our family’s core studies (via Robinson Curriculum style) is reading, writing, and doing some math, independently in most cases.  However, I find that doing group activities as a family in the afternoons adds some fun to our day.  All ages included.



Katie-girl began by making all the leaves…

Then TJ put together the base of the project;
tree trunk, branches, and layers of the rainforest.


Next, the boys (Andrew & Bryson) made snakes…


and birds.


I, the least creative of the bunch, simply cut out monkeys.


Katie-girl worked on a Cheetah…


then added the finishing touch of a Red-eyed Tree Frog…

tree frog

and low and behold,
A Rain Forest!


Other Rain Forest activities included watching a couple of videos on Netflex;
2 episodes on Wild Kratts, and 1 episode on The Magic School Bus.
This gave us the extra details to explore further on,
such as learning about the peccary, spider monkeys, and sloths.

If you would like to know the details of how to do these crafts,
Please visit Katie-girl’s DIY blog:

Concealed Foundation


It’s a bit wild to be a homeschooler!

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