An Arctic Blast

Got snow?

We do!

Well, not the real stuff, but what does one do when the winter is mild and the season is coming to a clear end?

Why, add your own snow of course!

Our Arctic theme!

We began by discussing the habitat and landscape, both in the summer as well as the winter.
which then led us into doing a Venn Diagram~


where we observed the variety of arctic (land vs ocean) animals,
as well as discussing these animals and their camouflage coatings.

Then the fun began…

Shaving cream…


used for Arctic spelling words;
Arctic, Antarctic, caribou, fox, owl, seal, whale, walrus, winter

Blubber Science experiment…


2 bowls ice water, 2 sandwich baggies.
1 baggie with a chunk of shortening (or butter).
Using your index fingers,
stick one finger in the “blubber” baggie,
on the other hand is just a baggie.
Place fingers in ice water.
Which one feels colder?

Snow dough…


2 boxes cornstarch, 1 can shaving cream; mix til crumbly.
Appears like real dry snow, yet it does mold into shape also.


Throw in a few arctic animals,
and you have yourself hours of fun!


Snow Paint!
Elmer’s glue and shaving cream;
mix 2 parts glue to 3 parts shaving cream,
lightly stir to keep fluffy.
It totally dries to a fluffy, spongy, soft texture!

We added snow to the board,
then colored arctic animals using card stock.
Strategically place animals to be camouflaged.

Katie and Dad worked together on adding the Northern Lights,
by using this Chalk Pastel Lesson.


I must admit the board wasn’t chalk friendly,
but they smudged it on as well as could be expected.
They used a clear sealant to keep the chalk from dusting off.

The final masterpiece:

“The Arctic Blast”


and the snow?  that snow dough stuff? 
continuous entertainment I tell you!


It’s snow much fun to be a homeschooler!

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