L.I.F.E. Academy~ February Goals

Got Snow? 

Why no, as a matter of fact we don’t. 
We will just call this The Winter of the Great Fog.
So much fog this year.  Makes for an odd winter nature study.
I mean seriously, the trees are starting to get buds already.
I walked outside early one morning to run an errand,
and the birds were chirping away as if to say “Hello Spring!”


1st & 2nd Corinthians
We will be reading through both books as well as doing an in depth study of 1st Corinthians 13:4-13.  After all, it fits well around Valentine’s Day right?  We are not into the commercialism of such holidays; however, to discuss true love and grasp the opportunity to share what that looks like in our daily life IS a lesson worth teaching.


Up From Slavery
Slave Dancer

Daily essays; emphasis on predicate nominative, adjective nominative, & direct objects.
The younger kids will be learning the basic subjects/predicates.

no clue.  ha ha.  and I’m serious.  *confession of a homeschool mom*  My older students are self-motivated, so I’m not quite sure where they are.  TJ faithfully goes along doing his basic requirement (give or take a lesson here or there), and I’m pretty sure Katie is still devouring her math book (15 lessons per week average).
Andrew and Bryson reviewed tally marks and telling time in detail; we will continue with our flash cards while skip counting to get familiar with the multiplication process.  Money and measurement is always added in for fun!


African American History Month.  Well, honestly, as much as I love my darker skinned friends and I love the opportunity to learn history, I wonder sometimes why there isn’t a month labeled for every ethnicity?  Indian American?  Mexican American?  Irish American?  Russian American?  French American?  Is there even such a thing as British American?  seems bit of an oxymoron, eh?  especially when referring to American history, but I digress…
Anyways, we are continuing our study of the Civil War…
Lincoln Speeches & Letters

Meteorites, volcanoes, & touch on the topic of retro grade motion.
TJ & Katie- The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear by Petr Beckman

Fine Arts:
composer– Johannes Brahms, Hungarian Dance No. 5
artist– Pablo Picasso, Mother and Child
poetry/verse-1st Corinthians 13: 4-8,  Love is…

Nature Study:
We are continuing a weekly biome study…
This week will be about the Tundra…
I look forward to sharing our fun ideas for this.
We are going to have an Arctic Party to make up for the lack of a winter we had!

It’s cool to be a homeschooler. 


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