A weekly wrap up: 3rd quarter; week 3


Monday opened up with our weekly science experiment:

Rain clouds!  ice water over boiling water.


It took a few minutes to get going, and obviously this blurry picture can’t capture the consistent drips that were happening.

For poetry, we all wrote Lantern Poems:
Here is one…

             FLUFFY FLAKES

Tuesday Science Co op
Andrew learned about rhythms in music, and made peanut butter cookies in cooking class.
Bryson had a biome study.  We review Flora (flowers/plants) and learned what Fauna (animals) was.
We then explored animal classification, specifically vertebrates;
mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.

Other activities included…

Watching the State of the Union Address.  meh…

Having an in depth discussion about the family who had 7 kids removed from their home.

The younger boys had fun using tally marks to count things in our house;
windows, doors, chairs, stairs…

We ended the week with some lovely weather!


It was a great day to go exploring…


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