A random week of homeschoolers


Have I mentioned how much my kids enjoy this little girl?


Adelaide plays and they all join her.
Andrew built her a battleship aircraft carrier out of bristle blocks,
while Katie built Andrew a coin counter out of leggos.

Our days this past week were smooth and easy.  I love that.

Our first week back to our Science & more co op

I teach the 4, 5, 6 yr olds.
My subject is Biomes. 
Thus we began with learning what Flora is (this week will be Fauna).
I figure we should start at the basic foundation right?
Plants, then Animals.


My co-teacher, Miss Sarah, is doing Geography. 
My lessons will hopefully compliment her lessons.
That is my intent anyways.  *smile*

So after we learned All About Plants,
we did a Cherry Blossom craft,
which lead our adventure to China.
We made “sushi” by using a rolling pin to flatten bread,
then spread peanut butter and jam on it,
rolled it up and sliced it.  and viola, yummy!
We also did a dragon craft.  Fun stuff!

We also have a new hobby!


Yep, table tennis squished into our old classroom/now called a “library.
Hey, we’ve had a dreary winter.
What better way to add some movement to our day?

We had a few sicknesses along for the ride this week, which led to an in depth discussion about vaccinations, the flu, the measles “epidemic” at Disneyland, and holistic remedies vs drugs.

And for fun we made paper snowflakes to decorate our learning corner,
made cookies, played with play dough, and practiced skip counting 2’s.

TJ went bowling with his older brother and Dad,
while Katie did a variety of creations; crocheting a ninja turtle scarf, made an organic face wash, learned a loop waterfall braid, and is continuing to teach the puppy tricks.

It’s fun to be a homeschooler!

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