The Flexibility of a Homeschool Room

I love school rooms. 
I admit it.
There are some amazing classroom ideas out there.
Yet a classroom is not necessary to be able to homeschool.

I do prefer one.  Like this one at our old house.
(odd angled view, but you get the idea)


and this is our class room now.


However, with it being winter, our house is actually more warm and cozy down in our daylight basement where our family room is… thus currently our previous school room is being called the “library”.  I don’t know why *wink*….

IMG_2145[1] DSCN3964[1] DSCN3957[1] IMG_2135[1]

This is our newest learning area set up:


It’s in a corner of our family room.
That table is right behind our loveseat .
We call it our “learning corner“.
We use the wall for calendar/weather/season/time work.  Also our Spanish words of the week, our math flash cards of the day are up there (along with a picture of a covered wagon that complimented our Pioneer Twins book)

Here is our workbox corner.
(where school supplies go)


yes, in another corner of the family room;
next to the TV actually.

The older kids actually do their work on our couch and loveseat,
but the table set up is fabulous for the younger kids.
We’ve been doing some cozy evening school work;
math, writing, & our history read aloud.
Reading lessons and some language arts are done right after lunch.

So yes, you could say we ditched our old school room
our newest rhythm chart.
NO more of this either:


It appears that all our kiddos enjoy playing with the toddler I babysit.  Thus we have free time in the morning now.  Definitely out of my “plan it” box, ha ha!  But I really am enjoying our quiet evenings of study and family time, and it seems to be helping our wild 6 yr old wind down for bed.  So I’m claiming it as a win.

Does your daily routine ever make drastic changes?
Do you like change? or prefer the consistency of what is known?

3 thoughts on “The Flexibility of a Homeschool Room

  1. (sigh) I sometimes wish we had our own room to school in. As it is, we currently do our learning at the kitchen table. It has it’s plus sided though; we can cook lunch while doing school! (laughing)

    Our daily routine will often undergo ‘construction’. We have people stop in unexpectedly; routines which go out the window; work which pops up; a husband who would rather be at the beach; and more! While I don’t mind the occasional change, I would much prefer a routine. I do better when we get up, get moving, and get responsibility out of the way. THEN we can play.

    Good question!

    1. I was going to show you a picture of when 10 of us lived in a 3 bedroom house. Our “dining” area was our (the parents) bedroom (futon), and was our school room/dining area to boot. fwiw, blogspot sucks, as they apparently deleted ALL of my photos off my old blog thus that “picture” is now gone. ugh. (lots of baby pics of child #6 gone). We, too, have constant construction on a daily basis, ha ha.

      1. That is the one danger of saving things to an internet site; we forget to download it to our own computers and lose information. I do it occasionally and it’s frustrating.

        I wish we had construction going on, change would be nice. However, I’m just grateful what we have still works! (lol)

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