L.I.F.E. Academy~ January Goals

3rd Quarter Begins!  We are descending to the other side of this school year.  Can I just admit how much I treasure these years?!  We are well into our 13th year of this amazing journey.   It’s not always easy, but always, always worth it!

With that being said; here is our rhythm for this 2nd semester


This is only a guideline;
admittedly, we already made some changes.
Apparently, math within our bedtime routine seems to calm my most wildest one.  So I’m going with that flow for now, lol.



TJ- Book of Acts
Katie- oh.somewhere.in.the.old.testament…

TJ- The Narrow Road by Brother Andrew
Katie- Little Men

English Grammar:
review adjectives, verbs, & adverbs;
detailing adjective (relative) clauses
while working on Titles and Essay endings.

TJ- exponents, inequalities, and ratios
Katie- all things decimal; -, +, x, /
Both- review perimeters, areas, and volume


Across 5 Aprils

Seasons (by axis tilt and hemispheres), clouds, lunar phases, & eclipses.

Fine Arts:
Composer; Antonio Vivaldi- “winter”
Artist; Casper David Frederick- “Trees and Bushes in the Snow”
Poet; Robert Louis Stevenson- “Picture-books in Winter”

Nature Studies:
The winter tree, the winter sky & stars, winter weather, & salt crystals.

Reviewing colors, kitchen items, & body parts while incorporating conversational opportunities of “I want, I need, I like, I have…”
TJ dropped Spanish (senioritis? *smile*- but hey, he did a few years of French so his high school requirements are fulfilled).
Katie and I are continuing our more formal conversational Spanish lessons!  My dear sister-in-law, Chanelle, will be letting us borrow the next series of lessons of the Pimsleur Approach.  and a bonus for Katie is that she has a new pen pal in which they are writing in Spanish.  Fun stuff!

PRIMARY GRADES focal points

continuing the Primary basics…

Read Aloud- Pioneer Twins

Andrew- A paragraph a day
Bryson- A sentence a day
Both- penpal letters (we’ve been behind *blush*),
and daily verbal narrations w/ Friday written narrations.

Daily review includes counting (real) money, measuring, telling time, skip counting, <=>, etc…
Working on place values; ones, tens, hundreds, and so on
as well as our addition and multiplication facts.

The mornings are still dark and fog seems to be frequent around here, so I am beginning to light candles for morning work; to add a bit o light to the dreary touch of winter…  a seasonal attitude boost.  *smile*

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