L.I.F.E. Academy in December~


A simple door decoration that added some cheer!
Katie and my daughter-in-law, Amber, did this.
We will keep it up through January, because personally, I find January a bit dreary and depressing after the glitter and glow of Christmas time.


We’ve made cards, and continued with some of our Truth in the Tinsel projects…


and signing time (w/ curious George) is still going on.


Lil Miss Adelaide loves Signing Time.
You can check it out on Netflix if you think your kids would enjoy it!


The boys are working well together lately;
lots of drawing, writing, & puzzles going on.


The big kids are continuing their Astrophysics study
Labs for the week: Magnetic Tornadoes
Learned about magnetic fields from various planets.
Watched a documentary on the Oklahoma tornadoes of 2011.
(*which was fun to link back to when TJ and my dear Hubby went to Oklahoma summer of 2012 to volunteer for disaster relief).
They created their own tornado using different variants to replicate the various mentioned planets. The guys timed the length of each ‘tornado’ to compare magnetic changes.  Apparently Venus does not have a magnetic field due to it’s super slow rotation. Who knew?


The Puppies are getting bigger!


Recon (the rescue pit) snuggled Katie-girl all night when she wasn’t feeling well this past week.

Katie is feeling much better and is back at her many random projects of the days.


Christmas season is flying by so quickly for us this year.  Not nearly as prepared and prepped as I usually am, but I refuse to stress because honestly we’re too blessed.  I wanted family portraits this year (didn’t happen), I wanted Christmas cards and newsletter updates out by Thanksgiving (didn’t happen), shopping has been minimal, baking is a bit more sparse, and crafts have been a lot less dominating this year.  However, this season is about love, God’s love, which is the most priceless gift we have to receive as well as offer.  I have loving kids who likes each other and who actually enjoys spending some time with us parents.   It really doesn’t get much better than that.

How do you handle traditions, expectations, and changes to those plans? 
I always try to encourage people that giving is more than a gift, but a part of your heart;
that the hustle and bustle stress level is so not a part of this joyous part of the year.
This year, as we spent a lump sum of funds on vet bills last month (mostly for our rescue pit),
our budget is very modest, and I’ve had to take my own advice, which I had offered earlier this month;
Don’t spend. Christ IS the gift The time we spend together is what becomes priceless.”

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