Our Journey to the Newborn King

Homeschooling is a beautiful thing.

It’s effective, creative, flexible, and fun.

This Christmas season we decided to do our group studies in the mornings,
where our independent studies usually take place.

Mostly, because the kids are excited about our Christmas Cross Hunt.


My kids are easily getting their chores done in the morning
because they love looking for the Christmas Cross.
Here’s ours:


Each day I write the ‘Verse of the Day‘ on the back,
based off the lesson plans from Truth in the Tinsel.
We then do our Scripture reading, followed by some copywork.

Next we take a link off our countdown advent chain to help figure out the ‘Word of the Day‘.


I found a resource that gives a riddle to the ‘Word of the Day‘,
so we pasted a riddle to solve to each chain link.
The answer is then inside the chain link.
Then we thoughtfully think of how that word applies to our scripture reading and how it relates to us today.

Which leads us to the ‘Craft of the Day‘.


We then paste our craft to our “Journey to the King” tree.
Lessons so far include….
Jesus is the light of the World
Jesus is the King
Angel Gabriel foretells the birth of John the Baptist.

Active Advent‘ wraps up our lesson for the day with physical activity!

The mornings are joyful and go quickly,
and the kids seem willing to do their reading and math after lunch
so that we can watch our ‘Christmas movie of the Day‘ for our down time.

All the lessons are flexible to use how we wish,
which I find helps our day run smoothly.
We will add in a few afternoons of baking,
making Christmas Cards,
and wrapping a few presents,
along with a few opportunities to do some volunteering.

Merry Christmas should be a verb (an action),
not just a word to say, but His Word to live. 
So let’s get out there and spread some cheer,
especially starting with our own kiddos,
then our joy will spread out to our peers,
and on earth we shall share peace and good will towards all.

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