L.I.F.E. Academy~ December Goals

It’s that time of year!
Are you excited?

Let the Christmas festivities begin….

So, for this month, I have decided to flip flop our routine.

Our Morning Group Study (aka family time)

We will open our mornings to intentionally reflect on the journey to Christ.
Last year I did my own winging it style of lessons that I called Journey to Jesus.  I had fun coming up with crafts and such; however, this year I’ve chosen to use some resources to outline our plans, because, well, I’m kind of busy, and I like organization.  I will share in a separate post what our mornings will look like.

Afternoon Independent Studies

Katie- continuing Little Women
TJ- continuing Red Badge of Courage

Katie- all things decimals
TJ -exponents and ratios

These basic subjects will be followed by Quiet Time of watching a Christmas movie together.  Can I admit I look forward to crawling up into a couch with my kiddos to enjoy some downtime during this often busy season?!   Woo hoo… let the JOY begin…


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