L.I.F.E. Academy~ November Goals

I’m all about being honest.
so how did last month’s goals go?

We never did get to our literature books like I had planned.
Life seemed to be much of our lessons this past month.
*We ended up with 2 puppies that took some time to acclimate to each other.
*We are talking about moving in the near future (yes, again; details later),
in which the opportunity to open Daycare once again is a possibility,
thus organizational skills are being fined tuned in our house. 
*We seemed to have a nutritional-based learning interest that included learning about the dangers of MSG, sugar & saccharin, which somehow lead to us being interested in how to prep for disasters,  which led to talking about minimalist and how to live small.   (simply going on rabbit trails I tell ya, *smile*).

~November Goals~
*edited, to cross out the goals we didn’t complete.  What I hope that we complete and reality don’t always align.  Thought I would share just what that looks like.

new testament


The Bible for Young People by Josephine Pollard
I love that the words in this book are broken into syllables to enhance the reading ability of younger readers but still holds the quality of scriptures within its pages.  My hopes is that we can read through the New Testament now til Easter, with a strong understanding of Christ’s birth to his death to his resurrection to his message for us to spread the Good News.  *reading, but slower than I had envisioned.

Our Hero General Grant

Astrophysics- black holes, binary planets, and gravity are all topics this month.
We will include experiments to these lessons as well as building our own solar system model.

Nutrition & Fitness month  *reality is that Thanksgiving was this month, so I hope that we can revisit this one in January!

continuing our food lesson, including food, drinks, dishes, and utensils.

Sign Language:
ditto; foods, thirsty, hungry, hot/cold, etc…


Across 5 Aprils (Civil War)
*didn’t even crack this book open… postponed til January

TJ- Red Badge of Courage
Katie- Little Women

English Grammar:
Appositive phrases,
commas and apostrophe review.

TJ- Algebraic Phrases, perimeters/areas/volume
Katie-  Fractions- mixed, improper, addition/subtraction



We began A Child’s Story of the Animal World.
We opened up with talking about kingdoms;
The Animal Kingdom and The Plant Kingdom.
I am loving this book already!
*great book, full of detailed knowledge, a book to take in very slowly for my younger kiddos.
Possibly will assign this book next year for my daughter (13) as a biology study.

Andrew was interested in compasses so I thought we’d pull out our old Geography book from homeschoolfreebieoftheday.


Our Read Aloud:


This book is 100 yrs old.
The Twin series is a fabulous read on a variety of cultures!

Here is our study table:


Our math flashcards of the day,
counting money (a daily equation)
Our McGuffey Readers on top of our crayon/marker/pencil trays,
for reading, spelling, grammar, and copywork.
Currently introducing abbreviations such as used with days and months.

On a side note:

I have Shane, a sophomore I tutor, come join us on Mondays for our science lessons & experiments,
as well as poetry, and lesson reviews for the week.  That has been working out well.

…and Little Adelaide is finally getting enough hair to play with!


Welcome to November. 
Think we shall we work on our attitudes of gratitude this month.
How ’bout you?

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