October at a Glance


Fall is in full swing.  We live in the woods.
The serenity of the season echos somewhat silently;
leaves change, branches shift, the breeze whistles,
the animals scurry, and the rain begins…

The Pacific Northwest at its finest.

Katie turns 13!


Such a sweet disposition she is.
Curious at what life has to offer,
Godly convictions, truth seeker,
compassionate heart, joyful,
logic-filled with a drive to self-educate.
Yep, that’s my girl!

She has recently tested out of one math book, and is currently devouring the next math book.  Her goal?  To finish that book in 3 months.  Can she?  Most definitely!  Will she?  time will only tell, but she is randomly doing about 3 lessons a day, often before bed, so her motivation is clearly there.  Did I mention she is a bit precocious?!!

IMG_3136[2] IMG_2088IMG_2938

Here’s a few of Katie-girls recent creativity;
The basket weave, the zipper braid, & the 11 strand brand.


Katie-girl’s newest hobby?  Sewing!
I have an amazingly kind friend who will be teaching Katie how to make Maxi Skirts.

On that note, I must say God has blessed me with several friends who all have unique gifts that nurture Katie’s curiously creative personality;
One whom laughs and loves a lot, and allows Katie to explore the beauty of babysitting, and inspires her interest in Spanish.
Another who shares holistic health which includes essential oils, natural beauty products, and crunchy living.
and yet another who provides artistic encouragement such as sewing, crocheting, gardening, & photography.
Funny enough, these younger mamas think I am lovely and encouraging, when really they are the true gift.


The puppies!

Yep, 2 of them.

Echo (on right) is now 5 months old.
A pure blue nosed pit.  Amazingly calm.
No barking (pretty much at all).

Meet Recon (yes, that military term for exploring an area).
He is our rescue pit.  half pit, that is.
The other half is something of a definitely.not.aggressive.breed.
4 months old.  He seeks to please.
No need for a leash, he follows without command.

Both are surprisingly mellow for pups.
They have not really chewed up anything.
They snuggle with their human-child companions,
and are already gentle around babies.
They absolutely love playing with each other.
Tug-o-war is the most popular.
They eat and drink out of the same bowl at the same time,
without a care in the world.
We do have to calm Echo on occasion as she gets so excited to play with her newest buddy, but that brick house body structure can plow him over.  Of course the minute we settle her down, he sneaks over to nudge her to play again.  They definitely act like a brother and sister at times!

Chanelle's new family

Chanelle moves out.

Chanelle is on another adventure,
following life where it leads her.
We got the chance to meet ‘her new family’.
We had a great day hanging together.
She’s missed, but we still see her every few weeks.
They will all come join us on Thanksgiving;
I look forward to the visit!

and since I mentioned about moving…

it looks as if we will be moving in the not.so.far.off future.
The house we are in is up for sale.
We have a lovely landlady who recently married, and is moving to another state, thus they have chosen to sell the house.  As much as we have enjoyed this house in the woods, I am not really ready to commit to living here permanently, with forever in mind.  Looks as if God has already provided us a place we apparently will move to.  It’s just a matter of timing.  We will be heading out of the country hills, and back into the small town of nowhere.  We are content with it, and I see some changes in the process of it all.  I will share more as events unfold.

How was your October? 
Discover any small treasures? 
Experience big changes?
Embrace the season? 


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