Takin’ Care of Mama~ It’s a pain.

color me rad

I haven’t updated on my health journey lately.
It has become a bit of a stale-mate.

Hiking the hills and then trying to begin a running journey has, in turn, given me a set back.  A knee injury. 

So for weeks I was more like a slug than a marathon runner wanna-be.  I learned some patience, and how to put myself in 1st gear.  Apparently, on a daily basis, I’d say I am at a constant 3rd gear, just simply going, going, going…. well, not.so.much.now.  In the meantime, my amazingly encouraging cousin signed me up for the Color Run 5K.  How exciting!  Amazingly enough, my knee healed up just enough to walk that run, cautiously mind you, but I did it.  And I got some fun hot pink sunglasses to boot!


Now I have another set back.  The same knee injury.  Oh, the 5k actually was great, but the puppy, however, is like a wrecking ball.  Pure muscle and speed, and well, a puppy.  So puppy and my knee had a collision and I am again learning patience and how to slow down.

In the meantime, my amazing daughter is joining me on a nutritional journey.  She likes to cook and make meals, and I feel a bit like I have my very own healthy chef.  I love that girl!

So, what are some challenges you have been facing lately?  How do you stay encouraged? 
Me?  I surround myself with people who care.


2 thoughts on “Takin’ Care of Mama~ It’s a pain.

  1. Sheri,
    Hey! I thought I’d drop by and I’m glad I did. I enjoyed your post.
    I would have to say that the challenge I’ve had is with my brain…the way that I sabotaged my own success by carrying a weight that ‘it’ll never happen’, etc…add to that the pain I’d been having in all my joints everyday when I woke up and in my feet.
    Well, I should write about it…I started doing THM back in July and as soon as I cut out the sugar and flour and breads, I’ve had absolutely NO pain in my joints. The family isn’t really behind me (that much) and think the food I’m eating, at times, is just plain wierd, but I’ve lost ten lbs. so far…
    I, too, have had knee pain from falling during the p.e. class I taught at the co-op last year, coupled with hip pain as well…so I have not really exercised much at all…
    I hope you come visit my blog…www.myfreedominthedance.blogspot.com
    Long story as to why I lost the other one, but Google changed hands and I lost the name…
    Yes, I should blog about the changes…they’ve been good. Even in the midst of a busy life…but you know that!!!!

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