L.I.F.E. Academy~ October Goals


As we head into our 2nd quarter, I feel a bit of deja vu.
It is T.J.’s senior year, and I am acutely aware of how fast this will pass.

Our 1st quarter success this year is that we are getting school work done with minimal distractions.
What extra activities we have chosen have been picked thoughtfully.
My older kids are self-motivated to get their work done,
which in turn guides the younger boys to get their work done also.
Kind of a win/win for me.  *smile*

~October Goals~


Reading through the time era around 1860, preparing to enter the Civil War era next month.
Books on the list this month;  The Heart of the Rockies, The Pony Express.

To compliment the time era we are studying; Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn.

English Grammar:
adverbs, semi-colons, quotations vs underlining.

TJ- Negative exponents & functional notations.
Review of simplifying decimal equations.
Katie- Linear measurements, bars & graphs, & place values.
Review of the 4 basic operations of multiplication.


Book of Matthew.  Ideally I would like us to work through the four Gospels on up through Christmas time.  To really ponder the different angles of the same historical time.

Astrophysics- learning about the planets.

It’s safety month!
Fire safety, media/internet safety, and spiritual safety
(ie the study of All Hallow’s Eve, and why we, as a family, will choose not to celebrate Halloween).

All things food!
What to eat, where to eat, when to eat.

PRIMARY GRADE focal points:

Bryson- 100 Easy Lessons;
he is halfway through the book, woo hoo!
Andrew- Animal Pride series; 1 book per week,
ie Roy Raccoon, Billy Beaver, Redi Fox, and Brutus the Bear.

Read alouds:
Twin series; The Indian Twins, The Eskimo Twins.

letter writing, addressing envelopes,
and the various ways to write the date.

telling time, counting money, and measuring (baking, Mmmm).
working on addition and multiplication math facts.


We are a late night family; however, as of lately, it has been later.
(did you follow that?).  Trying to get our family in bed by midnight so that we can easily start our school day by 9.  The reality is that each child has randomly chosen when to do their work ie one child in the morning, 1 child mid day, 1 child afternoon, and one who leans towards the evening learning hours.  My goal is to get everyone back on track to do our RC learning (read, write, math) in the mornings, so we can effectively do our group studies in the afternoon.  Plus honestly, I enjoy our ‘after lessons’ quiet time.  A bit of sanity before facing the afternoon chores whilst heading into our evening happenings.

How are your daily routines going?  spontaneous?  derailed?  focused?

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