My reluctant writer begins his journey…

Remember the boy who wouldn’t write for me last year?
You know, that youngest child of mine, who would get eraser possessed?
and when I took the eraser away, he would scribble out his mistakes?
So I finally set formal writing lessons aside…

and handed him blank paper (printer paper) with no lines.

and we now have ended up with a writing process
of his own free will.  Go figure.


The top paper is a picture of a house (the beach house we stayed at on vacation) for a thank you note (his idea, lol).
The left paper is him randomly writing letters (with a few added question marks).
The middle paper it started to click that he could make words as he wrote\.
The bottom paper is the 4 teenage mutant ninja turtles (back to scribbles),
and what (supposedly) each turtle is saying.
This is all a natural process.  The age of progression can vary,
but when we get to this point I know we headed in the right direction.
The right side paper is his actual one of his writing assignments this week,
of writing to his pen pal.
He told me what he wanted to write,
and I wrote it down on a separate piece of paper,
so that he could do copy work.


Writing has become serious business since we got pen pals for the younger boys!
I often find one of the boys quietly in their room with paper and pens out.

Practice makes progress, eh?

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